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Here at ProtoHype we believe in bringing you unique products direct to yoour door! With our range of eco products and Electric ride ons such as E-Bikes and Scooters we have our sights firmly set on the future! Head over to our shop to find your next step towards a bright future!

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At Proto-Hype, we believe that innovation and creativity create outstanding products which appeal to personality over mass production. We have a team of individual designers who bring their own style to every product, putting the personality back into design. 

We take cutting edge gadgets and the latest to technological advancements to deliver, never been seen before products, right to your door!


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Please note that some of our items are shipped directly from the supplier and therefore, may take a little longer to arrive.

This allows us to have more products available within our shop, however all items have been checked and assessed by Protohype for quality. If you have any questions, please email Most shipments typically have tracking numbers.

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