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NOW LIVE - The treat dispenser that entertains your cat for hours, keeping their mind stimulated, whilst helping to maintain healthy gums and teeth! Aka Your Cat's New Best Buddy!


Photo Cube

NOW LIVE ON INDIEGOGO - The new, innovative, forward-thinking way to display your most cherished photographs of yourself or your loved ones, that hold the greatest of memories.

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NOW LIVE ON INDIEGOGO - The delightfully intricate, vividly coloured dice that will revolutionise your gaming and make your family and friends green with jealously!

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Kitty Bowl

NOW LIVE - The stylish bowl that will increase your beloved cat's happiness and health during their mealtimes.



NOW LIVE ON INDIEGOGO - The cat climber designed to benefit both you and your beloved feline! It's sleek, slim frame means it's purr-fect for contemporary living, whilst it fulfils your kitty's desire to climb and explore!



NOW LIVE - The stylish, stand-out pullover hoodie that has a hidden feature, essential for everyday life - a built-in face mask! Make mask wearing worry free and breathe happily! 

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Kitty StyleSHIELD

NOW LIVE - Unleash your inner, fiercely fashionable self with this stylish pullover, adorned with feline details! Not only is it eye-catching, but hidden within is a built-in face mask - simply pull, pop, position and you're ready to go! 

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Make a Stand

COMING SOON - The multi-purpose, multi-device, portable stand, made for contemporary living! It holds up to 100kg, but there's nothing more perfect than curling up under your sheets with an incredible novel. With a piping hot drink or tipple in one hand and the other flicking the pages occasionally - Make a Stand does everything else for you!

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COMING SOON - The vibrant, sleek, contemporary coasters and placemats, that are unlike any you have ever seen before and you simply won't believe it - they are made out of 100% recycled single-use plastics! Revamp your dining set and play your part in caring for our planet!



ENDED & SUCCESSFULLY FUNDED - The mask designed to keep you comfortable throughout the day, whilst providing the upmost protection with its innovative silver lining.

3 Puzzle Paws With Treats Turntable.gif

Puzzle Paws

ENDED & SUCCESSFULLY FUNDED - The treat dispenser designed to stimulate your feline friend's puzzle solving skills, keeping them physically and mentally healthy - a healthy cat is a happy cat!



ENDED & SUCCESSFULLY FUNDED - Detailed and uniquely beautiful once in a lifetime science and art pieces to admire and WOW your friends and family with!

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