Summer is in full swing now, which means any time soon, your little (or not so little) one's will be singing 'school's out for summer!' As parents, we are sure you're aware that the novelty of being off school will soon fade into boredom, followed by whining to you for entertainment! So, we want you to be prepared for this, by equipping you with a boredom busting source of entertainment and secretive learning!

Our Sports Car Building Blocks are the perfect answer to 'I'm bored!' With 1100 pieces to this puzzle, your kids will be entertained and engaged for hours upon hours because what child doesn't want a realistic, intricate model of a sports car, to show off to all their friends and family?! This isn't only entertainment for them though - you can get involved, making for a family fun, bond building activity!

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now to make the summer holidays a breeze, with a building project that builds relationships, fine motor skills, brain development and of course, a sports car!

*Could also be a brilliant gift for adults, whether sporting enthusiasts, construction admirers or just a child at heart! 
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protohype masks for leaflet design - Edi

''I am very pleased to have won the masks as everyone is aware wherever you go a mask is now an essential item. I do a school run 5 days a week and must wear a mask when picking up and dropping off, as well as popping out to the shop, the masks are light weight and it’s great to have the different colours to choose from.''

— Shiobhan, winner of the full set of Silver Shield masks.

— Baljeet Khara, winner of the full set of Contagion Cubes.

"Thank you so much for this amazing prize. It will actually be life changing for me. 6 years ago, aged 33 I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis. Part of my physiotherapy in the winter is to walk. Due to the cold damp conditions, walking outside increases the pain. Being unable to financially justify getting a treadmill I decided to enter the competition, in the hope that, just maybe, I can improve my life.
Thank you so much for this. I honestly can’t express how life changing this is for me."

— Donna, winner of the Pro-Exercise Treadmill.


''I was absolutely delighted when I opened the newsletter to discover I was the lucky winner of the Exercise bike competition! Who knew it could be so easy! All I had to do was sign up to the Protohype UK mailing list! Got to be in it to win it and I was and I did! Absolutely delighted!! Perfect way to stay fit and healthy in the new year! Thanks again!"

— Tracey Bright, winner of the Pink Exercise Bike.

exercsie bike giveway for facebook pages

''So excited to win this. I cannot wait to get the exercise bike set up and start burning off the extra "2020 Lockdown Life" calories! It will certainly be a useful gift in this house, I’ve already decided to use it for some fun family games on Christmas Day too. So pleased I entered your competition!''

— Alison Crook, winner of the Spinning Exercise Bike.