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3Dice are Rolling Back 3️⃣🎲!

Yes, you read right - 3Dice are coming back to Kickstarter because of how astoundingly popular our first two series' of these entirely unique little beauties were! We started off with the vividly vibrant originals and they most certainly caught your attention, becoming fully funded in the tiny timescale of 4 hours and when 3Dice 2.0, our gaming dice collection came to you, they were once again snapped up in the same, staggering 4 hours! It is due to this support and the demand for differently themed sets, that we have been working hard to design and create brand new 3Dice sets for you all to enjoy, so say hello to 3Dice 3.0!

3Dice 3.0 includes 7 beautiful, theme specific sets, that are even more intricate than before (if that's even possible!) As well as this, each individual set will be available in 3 different forms - 16mm 6-sided dice, 19mm 6-sided dice or gaming dice, so you can be even more particular about what you want from your 3Dice set, whether they're going to be used as miniature art pieces in a display or as a way to enhance your board-gaming nights to a whole new level!

Size comparison between the 16mm & 19mm dies!

Now it's time to go through each of the 7 sets, so, kick back, relax, and, indulge - in these striking new dice!

Always been intrigued by myths and legends, searching for the newest sightings, that gave you a minuscule amount of hope and belief that these fascinating creatures live among us? Or do you simply find the human mind incredible, due to the myths we have managed to create? Then, this enchanting set is the one for you - from a fearsome werewolf, to a majestic griffin, it has everything from your wildest imagination!

Are your weekends or any slither of free time you get, crammed with gaming? I know mine are (every Sunday, unless it’s a UEFA Euro 2020 final, are kept free for gaming!) It’s a fabulous way to escape reality and immerse yourself in a fantasy world, make new friends and have wondrous adventures! Gaming consoles have been around for years (the first home console was invented in 1972 - the Magnavox Odyssey) and this dice set celebrates our love for them, with the 1985 Master System, all the way to the first Xbox and the GameCube in 2001, displayed with unbeatable intricacy! This is the ultimate way to spruce up your gaming setup!

This one is definitely for all of you J.R.R Tolkien fans out there, with a stunningly realistic set of 7 of the most well-known LOTR/The Hobbit characters! I won’t name them because I know that anyone who is a fan of the books or movies, are reading this reeling off everyone’s name and this set is for all of you or for anyone who popped into your mind, with the thought - ‘they could definitely name every single character here.’ Immerse yourself in this captivating set, that celebrates the most enthralling, unforgettable, (possibly longest) of adventures!

Are you one of those people who save takeaways for a special, celebratory occasion or do you have a cheeky but divine treat every week? No matter how often you have takeaways, we all have our favourite, whether that be a brimming burrito or Maccie's famous succulent nuggets and crispy, perfectly-salted fries (my tummy is growling just thinking about it, and, looking at these deliciously-detailed dice isn’t helping!) Surely this set is perfect for everyone - who doesn’t love food, especially the most unhealthy, but, oh-so-scrummy stuff!

Music is one of those passionate loves of ours that manages to bring us all together and unite us, whether it’s a symbolic song like Three Lions, that millions of people have been belting out over the past couple of weeks or if it’s your favourite band jamming out at a packed concert! Music however, wouldn’t be the same without musical instruments - they are constantly changing the tempo, making for the ultimate listening experience and that’s why our dice set is here to recognise their sheer importance. Instruments ranging from the serene, exquisite sound of the piano, to the thundering, low tone of a saxophone, appear in this charming set.

Not everyone is a fan of horror movies - I for one cannot stomach too many of them, but there are many, many people who absolutely adore the tension and the fact that they can personally detach themselves from the events in the film because they are (normally) fake! If you are one of those people, these dice are perfect for you, with terrors such as the girl from The Ring and a horrifying alien figure from the Alien films - you will never, ever be short of the thrills of horror, with these dice!

The world outside of Earth’s atmosphere is absolutely mind-blowing and magical - it’s almost unbelievable that such beauty and wonder exists outside of our home, but it does and many of us are completely fascinated by it! That’s why we just had to have a set dedicated to the Universe, including the true, otherworldly beauty of the Milky Way, the International Space Station, where we all wish we could live and the marvel that is, one of the enormous gas giants in space! With that and more to explore, how could you possibly resist?


Now, the Kickstarter isn't up quite yet, but we can guarantee that the moment it is, you will be the first to know! Whilst you're waiting, you have plenty of time to decide which of these 7 sets is your favourite - why not leave us a little comment and let us know what sets you would like to see next time!

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