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A Very Happy Easter, from ProtoHype!

We hope you’ve all had a delightful, calming start to your Easter celebrations, and to your long weekend!

Now, Easter might have to be a little bit different because of having to celebrate outdoors, if you’re having family and friends over! However, here at ProtoHype, we have come up with a range of outdoor activities and ideas, to help you have the best Easter ever!

For all of these, you’ll need to wrap up warm, take out plenty of toasty, soft and cosy blankets, maybe even start a small, crackling fire, and, most importantly, have an open mind and a joyous spirit!

These are only a mere few of the array of possibilities when it comes to enjoying the celebrations outdoors, but we’re more curious about you and what you're doing during this special occasion!

Here in the ProtoHype office, we have a hugely diverse range of nationalities and cultures, which means a wondrous collection of specific celebratory activities and cultural traditions. Personally, I’m half-British and half-Polish, and that means, that, on Easter Sunday, we take part in an egg-stremely fun game, traditionally called Egg-Tapping, and the aim is very simple - to end up with an un-cracked egg, after having tapped it against everyone else's. And, I don’t know how, but I always seem to win!

So, do you have any Easter traditions? What are you doing or what have you done this year? Do you celebrate Easter, or is this the perfect time to be with those you love?

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