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Cat Climber Gives Your Kitty The Vantage Point They Desire!

An exciting new cat product has launched today, over on Kickstarter. The Cat Climber is a premium piece of furniture that aims to contribute to happier cats worldwide.

Made with only four components, this easy-to-assemble climber requires no nails, screws, or glue that could cause harm to your favourite furry felines! Simply slot each piece together and your cat can climb to their hearts content.

But what makes a Cat Climber so paw-some? Unlike other climbing posts on the market, Cat Climber has several fantastic features. A wooden overhang considers features in your home such as skirting boards, whilst the rubber stoppers on the back of the product prevent the climber rubbing against your walls and causing any damage.

Each climber is equipped with a premium sisal carpet to give your cat extra grip. The deep fibres in the carpet allow your cat to sink their claws into it, which helps them release endorphins, and the fun doesn’t stop there! Cat Climber is suitable for multi-cat households.

So, how will Cat Climber benefit your cat? The answer is simple. Compared to us, cats live in a vertical world. Our cats rely on elevated spaces for safety, comfort and most importantly, fun!

Compared to other climbers on the market, Cat Climber allows your cat to fully engage with their desire to climb, due to its wall-like structure. You can relax, knowing your cat has their favoured vantage-point, in the comfort of your own home.

There are a number of fantastic early-bird offers up for grabs in the campaign's first week of launch, so don’t forget to head over to find out more about this a-meow-zing creation: Cat Climber. The ultimate haven for cats worldwide!

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