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💠 Daylight Saving Day 💠 (07/11/21)

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Daylight Saving Day marks, officially, the end of the Daylight Saving period that began on March 10th. It’s always on the first Sunday of November, which for 2021 means it falls on November 7th.

It's good to keep in mind though that different countries set their clocks back at different times, for example the UK will set theirs back on the last Sunday of October meanwhile New Zealand will push theirs forward an hour on the last Sunday of September.

This means not only do you gain an extra hour of sleep every night over the colder months, but it will also become much darker in the afternoons before nightfall. Winter is finally upon us!

The beginning of the Daylight Saving period in March commonly results in people being tired following their normal routine since we essentially lose an hour of sleep before summer, but come Autumn, most of us feel more energised after the clocks fall back an hour because we have instead gained an extra hour of sleep and rest.

Most of us are sound asleep when the clocks go forward or back an hour, which means we won’t notice it until after we awaken. Our mobile phones will automatically set themselves accordingly, but our manual clocks hanging about in our homes need to be changed by hand. So be sure to do that as soon as you get up, as not to accidentally be an hour late to your planned outings! (just imagine being an hour late for work because you forgot to set your living room clock accordingly. yikes!)

There is a little trick in remembering whether to set your clocks forward or back an hour. Use this saying: “in the spring, time springs ahead. In the fall, time falls back.”

There are some little extra things you can do to make the most of out Daylight Saving Day. You may wake up one hour earlier than usual. While you could use this hour to snooze, why not spend the time cooking a big breakfast that breaks from the norm; it is a great way to create a new tradition. Maybe find a bar that celebrates turning back the clock by offering drink specials, and you might even have an extra hour to party before being kicked out! Or maybe you can enjoy an early autumn walk since you may even be awake an hour early anyway. Take in the new crisp autumn air!

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