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Earth Day is Every Day 🌍

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

A big, warm welcome to everyone, on a rather pleasant Sunday morning - there really is nothing better than waking up to the sun peeking through your window! I don’t know about you, but it automatically brightens my mood, both literally and figuratively! Speaking of nature and the beauty that it is, today’s blog post is all about Earth Day, which is on Thursday, but, as many people say - and, we wholeheartedly agree - every day is Earth Day!

Earth Day is all about taking a moment to stop and think about the environment around us and, more importantly, how we can work together to protect it. Now, I bet you’re all thinking that this annual event started fairly recently, probably somewhere in the 21st century? Well, it’s time for a couple of interesting facts about Earth Day:

Now, you may be wondering how you can participate in Earth Day - we're all told to do something that will help to protect our environment, but do we know exactly what? Well, we're here to help you! Playing your part doesn't have to be anything huge or mind-boggling - it can be something that may seem insignificant, but, if we all do even one little eco-friendly act, then, it can make one incredible impact - after all, this is something we all have to do together.

To help you, we have put together a little checklist for you all, just below:

Changing your habits can be a challenge, but all of us at ProtoHype are here to help aid you with that - we are constantly updating our online shop, with the widest range of beautiful, eco-friendly products, from bamboo toothbrushes, to reusable nappies - that we know you'll love!

That's it for today's post - we hope you've enjoyed learning more about the famous Earth Day, and, that we've inspired you to make a few, little changes to your every day life, which will result in a big change for the future - our planet needs you.

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