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It's a Special Day for all Mum's!

We are here on a hugely important celebration, to help you (all mums out there) to truly indulge and take advantage of your special day off - so sit back and unwind (we want to hear that ahhh of relaxation), with a steaming cup of your favourite hot drink or maybe you're treating yourself to a cheeky tipple and why not?! For all the sons, daughters and dads here - you're mother for the day, but take a few minutes to read our post - it could help with how to make this Mother's Day one to remember!

Today is an occasion that's marked in diaries and calendars around the whole globe and whilst we wholeheartedly agree, that mums deserve the recognition they receive on this annual day, we don't think it should be classed as something individual or unique, from every other date in our calendars.

Why? Because mums are mums every single day of the year, 24/7, so we should celebrate them unconditionally! We're not saying buy your mum a beautiful bouquet of her favourite flowers and a card everyday, but what we are saying is, don't save phrases such as 'I love you mum' or 'thank you mum' for Mother's Day! You may think they're just words, but words are much more powerful than gifts - they tell your mum how much you appreciate her and that you don't take her and every little thing she does for you, for granted. So, go on, if you don't already, set yourself a target of saying either of those phrases, at least once a day and watch the brightest, most joyful of smiles spread across your mum's lips - that's all she really wants!

Now, this year's Mother's Day may be a little different to most, but don't let this dampen your spirits - different can be better! Are you stuck on what plans to make? Well, don't fret - it's not too late to make this Mother's Day fun-packed and unforgettable! To help you, we've made a list of delightful activity suggestions just below!

You may be thinking that you'd love to do one or all of these activities with your mum, but the situation we are in has made it challenging! There's absolutely no reason as to why you still can't do anything - all of these suggestions, with a tiny bit of planning and an open mind, can take place and be enjoyed over face-time! Just imagine how sweet it will be, to watch one another creating a special meal, just for the two of you! Regardless of your personal circumstances, Mother's Day can still be jam-packed with smiles, laughter and love!

Now, I know we said that gifts aren't as powerful as words and we stand by that, but if you're going to show your mum that you cherish her every single day of the week then, surely on one special day, she deserves a surprise pressie! Luckily, our online shop is brimming with ideas for every single kind of mum!

This is only an extremely miniature selection of our products, but there must be at least a few of you reading this, thinking that they would make the perfect present or sneaky treat for yourself (if you're a mum, of course!) If that is the case then, simply give the picture of the product you like a little tap and you'll be directed straight to it!

Whether you're green-fingered and want to flaunt your impressive planting skills in stylish display pots, about to become a new mum and desperately need the essentials (a huge congratulations), looking for a must-have piece of always trendy, personalised jewellery or you have a love of all things dreamily soft and cosy, but want to be summer ready, we truly do have something for everyone!

That's all for today - we hope you enjoyed this post and that whatever your plans are, you have a wonderful Mother's Day / Lazy Sunday!

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