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It’s That Time Again! Our Top 3 Current Crowdfunding Campaigns

This week we are bringing you our first top 3 current crowdfunding campaigns of 2021! This year has already seen some fantastic creations grace both Kickstarter and IndieGoGo and we are here the give you the low down!

We kickstart our top 3 with a rather purr-fect creation from Kitty Bowl.

1. Kitty Bowl:

Kitty Bowl is an elevated food/drink bowl that aims to aid your cat’s digestion. Many of us are unaware of the benefits that an elevated food/drink bowl can have for our favourite furry felines.

The elevated position allows your cat to improve their overall posture whilst they eat their meals. But why? The answer is pretty simple! A natural line is created from the mouth along the spine which encourages healthier and more comfortable digestion.

Kitty Bowl aim to put the fun back into mealtimes for cats around the globe and we think this creation deserves a paw of approval. The project is currently live over on IndieGoGo so make sure to check it out. At only £12 a bowl we think it’s pretty radi-claw!

2. Silver Shield:

Silver Shield aims to pave the way for the new everyday face mask. Each individual mask is handstitched with a silver infused lining. But why silver? Silver is one of the safest and benign substances known around the world! It is a naturally occurring element which has anti-bacterial properties.

We wear masks to protect those around us, but Silver Shield provides you with a face covering that also protects you. Say goodbye to harsh bacteria building up onto your mask. Silver Shield is made with a soft and breathable fabric that can be washed time and time again!

The masks come in a range of colours from black to purple, so there is sure to be a colour to match your style! We think this creation will prove very popular as it conforms to new life in the world of a pandemic. Don’t forget to check it out over on IndieGoGo before it’s too late.

3. Cat Climber:

This is another one for all you cat lovers out there! We couldn’t resist talking about a brand-new piece of cat furniture that has taken Kickstarter by storm. Cat Climber is the ultimate haven for your cats that allows them to fully engage with their desire to climb.

This easy to assemble climber is crafted with a premium sisal carpet to really give your cat something they can sink their claws into. Did you know clawing releases endorphins in our furry friends?

Cat Climber fulfilled their campaign goal within a whopping 15 minutes. Pretty impressive, right? These colourful climbers are designed with your home in mind with a number of features that consider your walls and skirting boards. You can check it out over on Kickstarter!

So, there we have it! Another one of our top 3’s. From quirky cat furniture to anti-bac face masks, we’ve really seen it all! With hundreds of exciting new creations launching across Kickstarter and Indiegogo we will be sure to check back in with you all very soon for another one of our top 3 countdowns.

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