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It's time for a Spa Sunday!

It’s Sunday, or, in our mind, Spa Sunday - the day to treat your mind and body to some well deserved self-care and self-love.

Today is all about you - it's your chance to indulge in some 'me time', and there are so many ways to do this - it all depends on what you enjoy! Maybe, for you, it's working on a newly-found hobby, or, perhaps, you're itching to find that new interest, or it's time to catch up on those missed lie-in's! Whatever it is, if it makes you feel good, and puts a smile on your face, then, it's perfect for a Sunday. Whatever you busy yourself with on a Sunday, we have a collection of items that we personally think are absolutely essential for a bonafide Spa Sunday. So, kick back, relax, and enjoy a peaceful read!


Whether you’re planning on catching up on some well-deserved sleep after a long week at work, doing some light, tension-releasing yoga, taking a deep breath and enjoying a session of mellowing meditation or spending the entire day on your couch, wrapped up with a gaming controller in your hands, this Portable, Ultrasonic Humidifier is essential for a truly relaxing Sunday. Not only does the delicate mist of water provide a calming atmosphere, but it also helps you to breathe much easier - that dry, central -heating air can make us feel like we’ve constantly got a cold! Even once the night draws in and you’re having that cheeky ‘one last game’ or ‘five more minutes’ of serenity, this humidifier has a soft, warm glow as it turns into a sweet, subtle nightlight.

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing today - wearing something incredibly, dreamily soft, and cosy warm, is an absolute must and there are a multitude of options in our shop, however, we’ve selected two that fit any type of Spa Sunday! Planning on napping the day away, or treating yourself to a pampering fit for royalty? Then, our Long-Sleeved Cotton Pyjamas are absolutely ideal for you! They’re soft, breathable and, best of all, you can stay toasty warm, whilst looking glamorous (yes, it’s possible, even on a Sunday!). Slip into these in the morning and you’ll never want to take them off again - luckily, you don’t have to!

Our second option is the epitome of loungewear - an Oversized, Casual Hoodie! We all know that the word ‘oversized’ basically means: overwhelmingly comfy, and that you’ll be enveloped in warmth and delightful softness, and that is nothing short of the truth when it comes to our oversized hoodie - it’s beautifully baggy and has a fleece-like lining on the inside, which is heavenly. So wrap yourself up in something that makes you feel like you’re being cuddled by the biggest, gentlest, softest teddy-bear in the world - it’s what Sunday's are made for!

Is part of your Spa Sunday to treat yourself to a soothing, gorgeously-scented bath, with all of the trimmings? Maybe you want to multi-task and continue watching that box set that you've been binge-watching, every weekend, whilst you’re pampering yourself. Your poor phone or tablet wouldn’t survive that ordeal, but, not to fret - our Bamboo Caddy Tray is here to make your bathing dreams become a reality! It has ample space and multiple, incredibly-handy slots for the placement of anything you could possibly need in a bath - a book, tablet, your phone, a cheeky glass of your favourite tipple or a lulling, steaming-hot cup of your choice, and even a few delicious snacks! It really does have everything you need to have that luxury bathing experience - who says you need to go to a real spa to get that high-end treatment?!

I don’t know about you, but one of the nicest things to do the moment you wake up (apart from having that pick-me-up cup of caffeine), is to give your face a refreshing, rejuvenating wash and, following that, a day without having anything overbearing on your skin. Well, good news, because this morning is that perfect morning, and, we have the perfect face pads to do so - our Microfiber Makeup Remover Pads! There’s no better feeling than lusciously plush microfiber against your skin - it’s a treat in itself, making the start to your Spa Sunday wonderfully ideal! But, this isn’t only a treat for yourself, it’s also a treat for the environment - our pads are incredibly easy to wash and can be reused on a number of occasions, so, whilst you’re having a pampering session, you’re also helping to heal our planet!

Inkeeping with the previous theme, you surely can't have a Spa Sunday without gifting your face with a little indulgence, and our Electric Facial Cleansing Brush is top of the list when it comes to luxury! Add your favourite facial cleanser to the brush, and sit back and enjoy the soothing facial massage, as this clever little gadget does all the hard work for you! It will ever so delicately buff away at your skin, giving your pores a deep, relieving cleanse, freeing them from all the excess oils, dirt and grime, that would’ve inevitably built up over the week. Once all the suds are washed off, you’ll find that you have the most baby-soft skin ever, and you just won’t be able to stop touching it! Don’t let the mini-facial stop there!


Now, we know we’ve all got work tomorrow, but, shh, let’s forget about that, we’ve still got a whole day crammed full of peace and pure tranquility ahead of us, and, we've got the purr-fect item to finish this post off with - a Cute Cat Bottle Opener Keyring! Whilst, you can, of course, buy yourself a little gift, in the spirit of Spa Sunday, in the form of a kitty keychain, we are moreso focusing on its other use! Perhaps not just before bed, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with having a little tipple on a Sunday afternoon with dinner, or whilst you’re catching up with your favourite shows - it just adds to the relaxation! So paw yourself a drink and have a fur-bulous Spa Sunday!


That's all for today! We hope you've enjoyed a relaxing read, and that the rejuvenation continues throughout today, and, remember - Sunday is your day.

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