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KittySTYLESHIELD Will Have You Living Your Ultimate Cat Fantasy! Launching Soon Over On Kickstarter!

A totally purr-fect creation will soon launch over on Kickstarter, and we've got all the a-meow-zing details. Let's just say, that this launch... Will have you feline pretty good!

Kitty StyleSHIELD is the sister product of the StyleSHIELD brand. These range of hoodies will have you living your ultimate kitty fantasy, whilst keeping you protected. We think it’s pretty a-meow-zing!

So, what makes Kitty StyleSHIELD so paw-esome? Each hoodie comes equipped with a built-in face covering. Yes, that's right! Simply roll out your face covering and snap it into place. Say goodbye to those awkward forgotten-mask moments. If you don't need your mask anymore, then don’t worry. All you have to do is roll it back up into your hood, and pop it into place using the snap fasteners aligned along the hood. We love the practicality of this garment!

The fun doesn't stop there! Live your ultimate feline fantasy with fabulous kitty whiskers on your face covering, and look like the cat who's got the cream - with sparkly sequin kitty ears. There will also be a chance for “premium” kitties to upgrade to additional paw prints on either sleeve and a cute cat design of your choice on the back.

With (12) colours for adults and (7) colours for children available, there's sure to be a Kitty StyleSHIELD to suit your taste. Want to look pretty in pink or radical in red? Kitty StyleSHIELD has got you covered.

This campaign is a collaboration with the outrageously paw-esome Kitty Café. The Kitty Café are a fantastic organisation who rescue, rehabilitate and re-home cats across the country. With the current pandemic still causing such disruption, many organisations, like The Kitty Café, have been forced to close for almost a year now!

This collaboration with Kitty StyleSHIELD, will directly benefit the cats in their care, with a portion of the proceeds, from the hoodie, going towards cat rescue. We think that that is all the more reason to make a pledge, and help fund the a-meow-zing work the Kitty Café crew put in, day after day!

The campaign is set to launch on 02.03.2021. There will be some great early offers up for grabs, so make sure to sign up to the pre-launch page, to be notified when the campaign goes live. You won’t want to miss this one!

Pre-launch page for Kitty StyleSHIELD:

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