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May the Fourth be with You 🌌 🎆

Welcome to the dark side another blog post, oops! You may have already guessed by that little slip-up, that today’s post is all about the up and coming celebration, where fans worldwide come together to bask in the joy that is the Star Wars franchise 🎬 - an incredibly popular collection of films, books, comics and everything in between!

I’m personally a massive fan, so to celebrate its 44th anniversary on May the 4th aka Star Wars Day, I thought I’d share some fun, rather mind-blowing facts about Star Wars 🤯!

Did you know that Luke Skywalker’s home on Tatooine in A New Hope 🏜️, is actually a fully functioning hotel in Tunisia? You can sample all the delicacies that Luke, his Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen would have eaten, whilst they lived there - how incredible does that sound? It’s definitely a must stay hotel for any lifetime, mega fans 🤩! Click here to find out more!

We all know that one of the biggest shocks (it's in the Top Ten: Biggest Film Shocks) in film history was when Darth Vader revealed that he was Luke’s father in The Empire Strikes Back 😲 (there are some amazing, hilarious reactions to this scene on YouTube - certainly worth a watch!)

I think it’s fair to say however, that what George Lucas had planned as a possible alternate ending for Return of the Jedi, would have brought a huge load of despair and gasps would have been heard worldwide. George Lucas had in the pipeline, an ending where Luke removed his father’s mask, put it on and stated, Now I am Vader, turning to the dark side 👿!

The brilliant actor David Prowse, brought the intimidating, towering, feared throughout the entire galaxy villain, Darth Vader, to life however, the equally terrifying, bellowing voice is not David Prowse’s - it’s James Earl Jones’ 💬! Why, you may ask 🤔? Well, let’s just say David Prowse’s voice didn’t give the same impact - here’s a link to a video where you can hear what Darth Vader sounded like before the voice over, you’ll love it, I promise!

Carrying on with the theme of sounds, there are some of the most iconic, recognisable sounds in the Star Wars franchise, one being the lovable, walking carpet, as Princess Leia describes him aka Han Solo’s best friend, the wookiee named Chewbacca.

Now, his voice is a rather indescribable sound, but apparently it was made combining the sounds from various other animals, such as: bears 🐻, walruses, lions 🦁, badgers 🦡 and many more!

I sadly don’t, but do you have any Star Wars, limited edition, collectable coins 💰? Did you know that the tiny island nation of Niue 🗺️, located in the South Pacific Ocean, accepts those coins as legal tender? Take a trip over there (when it’s safe to do so, of course) and only if you can actually bear to part with such precious bounty!

Did you enjoy those? Have they got you into the May the Fourth mood? Well, you'll enjoy this even more - we have some stunning treasures on our online shop, that can really help to elevate your Star Wars day experience!

  1. Outdoor, Bamboo Wind Chimes - these absolutely stunning, handmade wind chimes, produce the most soft, melodic sounds when a breeze passes by. Scatter a few in your garden and you’ll feel like you’re immersed in the picturesque landscape of the Ewoks 🐻 aka Endor 🏞️!

  2. Rustic Round Iron Tray - the gorgeously rustic feel to these handcrafted iron trays, is perfect as purely decorative pieces or to serve a very special type of Star Wars themed bread upon! If you’ve watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens then, you’ll definitely remember the magic that occurred when our favourite scavenger Rey, poured her portion into a bowl and added water, poof - a fluffy, rather scrummy looking, miniature loaf of bread appeared 🍞. There’s a fabulous recipe here, to make the scrumptious, slightly sweet bread, all for yourself and lucky for you, there’s no scavenging required!

  3. Eco-friendly, Biodegradable Mug Cups - staying with the theme of Star Wars delicacies we would all love to try, there’s one that immediately comes to mind - Luke’s daily drink, Blue Milk 🥛 - click here for a simple recipe of the Lars’ family staple! Our eco-friendly, biodegradable mug cups are the perfect way to serve the classic Star Wars beverage - they’re simple, but wonderfully stylish 🥤!

  4. Gaming Zone Sign - we know Star Wars day is awkwardly positioned in the working week, straight after a Bank Holiday Monday, but it can be celebrated at any time - every day should be Star Wars day 🎉! For you gamers out there, I’m sure you know that there are some magnificent, fully immersive Star Wars games, with extraordinary graphics, that will make you feel as though you’re inside that fantasy world 🎮! A few of my personal favourites are: Star Wars Battlefront, Star Wars Battlefront II and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Whether you game on your computer, Xbox, PlayStation or any other console, our Gaming Zone sign is an absolute must! This bold, eye-catching sign is perfect, to add some decor to your gaming dedicated room! Enhance your gaming experience, setup and claim your gaming zone for May the Forth!

If any of these products catch your eye, simply click on the image and you'll zoom to the item page, as though you're in hyperdrive!

Whatever your plans are for Star Wars Day, May the Fourth be with you and have a wonderful time, whether you celebrate on the day, before/after or even if you don’t celebrate! Let us know in the comments below ⌨️, what you’re up to or what you have done in the past, to give a little nod to the Star Wars franchise 🎞️ - we’d be fascinated to find out!

Just a little Star Wars joke before I go! I bet you’re all thinking I have a bad feeling about this, but don’t worry, it’ll make you chuckle!

Q: Why did movies 4, 5 and 6 come before movies 1, 2 and 3?

A: Because in charge of directing, Yoda was! 🤣


Have any Star Wars jokes/puns of your own? Share them with us and until next time, have a wonderful week ahead!