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Meet Our Copywriters - Molly

My role as a copywriter here at ProtoHype allows me to use my creativity to generate unique ideas that grab the attention of a range of target audiences. For me, this includes creating eye-catching crowdfunding campaigns and compelling copy that deliver a key message for a particular product.

I have always had a passion for writing from a young age. I was the kid who always had her head in a book and the ambitious attitude that I could write a novel at the age of 10, as you can imagine, that certainly didn’t work out! My enthusiasm led me to study Journalism at Liverpool John Moores University in the year 2014. Here, I gained a great deal of confidence and extended my skillset whilst learning to adapt my writing to cater to different audiences.

It became apparent to me after my studies that I longed for a career that would allow me to combine both my love for writing and all things creative. This led me to explore the world of copywriting. My job here at ProtoHype allows me to put together a story. I aim to take our consumers on a journey. Not only do I want people to be educated on our products and the services we can provide, but I also want to engage our customers by making them feel part of what we are doing.

With the help of our videographers, we work as a team to put together some fantastic campaigns. My job at ProtoHype was something I longed for, for many years after finishing university. Like many, I struggled for a few years to find myself a graduate job and if there is anything that I have learnt from it, it is definitely that being patient and showing how resilient you can be is key!

Now I work at ProtoHype I can safely say the wait was worth it. My advice to any graduate would be to stay persistent in your job search and focus on the jobs that match your skillset! As obvious as it may sound, it’s easy to fall into the trap of applying for any job out there! Know your strengths and utilise them well.

For ProtoHype, this is only the beginning. We are a team of 10 strong creative minds who work daily on projects that we are all passionate to, one day, bring to market. We have a lot of ideas up our sleeves and we certainly can’t wait to show you our unique inventions in the future! Stay tuned for more exciting products coming your way.

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