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Online Products for You - Cat Edition 🐱!

Did you know that 2️⃣4️⃣% of the UK population chose a cat as their trusty, furry companion and that it is more likely for owners to have 2️⃣ cats rather than a solitary 1? Much like myself in fact - we couldn’t only have one - what if she got lonely or sad 😿 (they were the excuses we told ourselves anyway) because they tolerate one another, but they certainly purr-fer their own space! Speak of the devils - I have a couple of pictures to share of them 📸!

This is Oscar - the Gentle Giant!
And this is Sky - a little Princess!

It’s probably no surprise to you that today’s post is all about cats and more specifically, it’s the second instalment of ‘Online Products for You’, with our Cat Edition and we are exploring the more novelty type of kitty products available in our shop or ones you maybe wouldn’t have thought of! So, sit back with your purring feline in your lap, relax and enjoy!

If you like the sound of any of these products, simply click on its image above and you’ll be directed straight to the product page!

Whilst we adore our cat’s and all of their quirky little antics, there’s one thing about them that’s a little unsavoury, in all possible ways - their litter trays 🤢 - they’re icky, whiffy, you get some unpleasant surprises when you look inside and they’re not the most appealing piece of kitty furniture and you know what - kitties aren’t a big fan of letting anyone walk by, whilst they’re doing their business 😾!

But, what can we do about that? Well, we can offer you a Private Cat Litter Box - a shockingly attractive litter tray to look at! It’s sleek, beautifully concealed, available in three pastel colours that will fit within anyone’s home and best of all, with privacy being its focal point, it does a meow-vellous job of trapping spills and smells inside and of course, makes your precious puss much happier to do their business in peace! Don’t be embarrassed by having a litter tray in your home anymore - your guests will be astonished that that’s what this contem-purr-ary little box is 🤯!

On fur-ther thinking of the perils of a kitty litter tray, I thought of something that’s happened to myself quite a few hundred times - walking around happily and suddenly stepping on a piece of sharp, rough litter and doing that comical sketch from the Looney Tunes series - bouncing up and down on one foot, whilst holding the other in pain 😑! I honestly think it’s close to being as bad as stepping on a piece of Lego, so it’s something that desperately needs to be stopped!

Thankfully, our Waterproof Cat Litter Mat is coming to the rescue of all cat owners'! Firstly, it’s waterproof, which means any slight spills will remain on the mat and paw-tect the carpet or flooring below, but crucially, it has a double-layer litter trapper, so any pieces of litter that your kitty has on their paws 🐾, filter through the first layer of the mat and down onto the second! Whenever you clean it, it can be simply opened up and tipped out into the waste and it’s super easy to wipe clean, too! Live a pain free, kitty owner life 😌!

I think most cat owners are aware of this type of interactive toy - a flopping fish, but it isn’t the cheapest of toys out there because of the claw-somely enthusiastic reviews ⭐ it has received over its time and rightfully so!

Cats can sometimes be rather difficult to entertain or we simply don’t have enough hours in the day to dedicate time to play with them and so, they find their own, sometimes unfavourable, destructive ways to get some excitement and energy release - scratching at our beautiful furniture, biting us even when they’re not playing or simply lazing around and eating all day! This is no good for any cat - they will end up being mischievous little vandals and that’s not what we have a pet for!

So, purr-chasing a cat toy such as this interactive, catnip filled, incredibly realistic (and therefore tasty - for the kitty of course) looking fish, is hugely beneficial for both you and your beloved pet! Your kitty’s engagement and entertainment will be through the roof, as they play with the toy for hours upon hours, its hyper-realistic appearance and movements make it completely irresistible to your feline 😻! You’ll find yourself hard pushed to actually remove it from your cat’s paws to charge it up, which is via an extremely handy USB cable! However, being such a tempting toy, there will be no negative cat-titude, no clawing of your furniture, no unnecessary biting and no podgy kitties because they’ll only nap after hours of endless fun, with their new, fishy best fur-end! You’ll be thanking yourself for making the choice to purr-chase one of these fishes 🐟!

Cats sleep for a paw-some length of time, that I’m sure most of us hoo-man's wish we could sleep for as long as sometimes (especially on Mondays), but we can’t afford to have 12-16 hours of sleep a day, half our day would have vanished 💤! Seeing as our furry companions sleep for such an impressive amount of time, it is absolutely essential that they have a comfy, cosy, luxurious bed to do all that catnapping in and we have the most purr-fect bed in mind!

Our Luxurious Cave Pet Beds have a gorgeous velvet lining on the inside and they have a faux fur trim on the outside, which results in meow-vellous heat installation, meaning that especially during the chillier months of the year, this bed is the most delightful little space for your precious pet to curl up into! Another fur-bulous feature of this bed is that it is in the shape of a cave, with a hood on the top and a small opening, which acts as a safe, secure haven for those kitties that are more anxious than others 😶‍🌫️, but also during certain times of the year - Bonfire Night or Independence Day, where masses of celebratory fireworks 🎆 🎇 are a traditional staple, your kitty will feel wonderfully paw-tected, their overwhelmed senses soothed by the shape of this gorgeous bed!

Now, it’s all well and good having your kitty toasty warm in the winter months, but what about the summer time ☀️, where temperatures can soar (yes, even here in the UK)?

Worry not because we have some dreamily soft blankets, that could be a replacement for a bed that’s just a little too warm for summer - Coral Fleece Pet Blankets! Made from Polar Fleece, which is known for being warmer and thicker than other fleece types, this blanket is the purr-fect substitute for daytime and nighttime naps because they won’t overheat, but they’ll stay nice and warm for the cooler nights! It’s available in 3️⃣ beautifully bright variations, so what are you waiting for?

Speaking of the warmer months of the year, our kitties, particularly the incredibly fluffy kind, can suffer from the heat because they can’t remove their fur coats, like we can discard our jumpers for t-shirts! I know my two aren’t particularly fond of the sun, even though they are silly enough to bathe in it 🥵 - one lies in front of the fan for hours and the other, who’s too frightened of the big, bad fan, settles for sprawling out on the laminate flooring! But he does enjoy his cooling mat, which is pressure activated, so the moment his rather big toe beans press on it, it’s wonderfully ice cold to relieve him from the unpleasant heat and humidity 😺!

Our Pet Cooling Mat can be placed inside or outside and remain blissfully chilled and if you have it indoors, why not place your kitty’s favourite blanket (maybe the Coral Fleece Blanket) over the top - they will still feel the benefits, but they will be able to sleep comfortably on their delightfully soft, pillowy blanket! Don’t let your fur baby suffer from the heat - give them an escape!

All cat owners know that they are extremely cheeky, especially when it comes to their nosy antics (the cats, but also sometimes the owners) - they’re practically our form of neighbourhood watch and luckily, they don’t get dirty looks when they’re caught!

Now the windowsill can’t be the most comfiest of places for kitties to do their daily watch duties 👀, so here’s our solution - a Window Hammock for cats! All cats are pam-purr-ed like royalty, so nothing should shock us anymore in terms of how they’re treated and the new inventions that come out just for cats! Designed to fit simply onto your window via four, large, secure sucker cups, this soft coloured hammock is the purr-fect accent to any home, with an easily wiped down or machine washable cover. Let your kitty indulge in their favourite hobby of watching the outside world fly by, as they perch or lie down in pure comfort, occasionally doing that hilarious chirping and chattering that they do to passing birds 🐦!

Well, that’s the end of this rather lengthy blog post - apologies for that, but I hope that you enjoyed it and got some ideas for your own fur baby or as a suggestion or gift for an already doted on kitty!

If you would like to show off your feline companion 🐈‍⬛, please do, either in the comments section below or on today’s blog related social media posts - we would love to see all of your sweet kitties (and it's only fair now that I've shared my kitties!) And until next time, have a wonderful rest of your weekend 🤗!

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