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Online Products for You - Child Edition 👶!

Hello, to anyone reading this - I hope your weekend has been glorious so far! Today, we are focusing on our online store, which is full of goodies for absolutely anyone and anything, bursting with one-of-a-kind products that are just irresistible, and, we are constantly working to bring you new, thrilling items daily! I thought about creating a little blog series - a blog post focusing on different products for a different category, whether that be age group or animal type and so on!

So, welcome to the first instalment of ‘Online Products for You’ (might need to work on the title!) For our first post, we are focusing on children’s products and going through their first three stages - baby, toddler and young child! So, make yourself a cuppa, grab a dunking biscuit (or ten) and unwind!

First, a little peek of the products we’ll be delving into today - each image has a direct link to the item, so just give it a little tap and you’ll be zoomed straight to our shop!


Like what you see? Well, it’s time to discover more - some of them are rather surprising!


Having a baby is one of the most life-changing, extraordinary events to happen in our lives, for everyone involved! Knowing what to purchase is difficult - a variety of different products that people see as baby or mother essentials, are thrown your way and you’re left dazed and confused, buying everything that anyone suggests! One of our stunning products can help! A crib is most certainly an essential purchase to make when expecting, but our Multi-Functional Baby Crib combines several essentials in one - it can be converted from a comfy, cosy crib, to a pillowy changing-station and into the perfect play area for your little bundle! In fact, it has 9 different uses, for babies from 0-36 months of age - a beautiful, money-saving investment.

Another essential baby item is one of these sweetly-designed pillows, formed to shape perfectly around your baby’s head, providing soft support for newborns’ especially delicate head. Many babies can suffer from slight, though incredibly unpleasant, headaches, if they sleep on unshapely, non-supportive pillows, but not with these! Send your bundle of joy into a peaceful, undisturbed dream-land, by purchasing one of our Shaped Baby Pillows - available in a huge assortment of playful, gorgeous designs!

Once your cooing baby turns into a babbling toddler, it’s unbelievable how quickly they can learn and gain new skills, and they reach remarkable milestones in their life - from their first steps, to their first words - it’s magical!

One of the things your toddler will be doing, by now, is eating solid foods, and it’s incredibly tempting to continue to help them, but it is important that your developing toddler has the opportunity to feed themselves - it’s a vital, basic skill! Of course, they will start off grabbing handfuls of food and practically shoving it into the proximity of their mouth, but, one way to stop this, is by introducing tableware.

Tableware is a wonderful way to develop table manners, but it isn’t easy for your toddler, who is used to being fed or ‘feeding’ themselves (and their clothes!) Our Flexible Toddler Tableware can help with that! Firstly, it has a softly-ridged handle, the dips providing perfect support for your toddlers little fingers and, therefore, hands, to rest comfortably and naturally, around the piece of cutlery. But best of all, each piece can be flexed to one side or the other, which means that you can alter the shape of the cutlery, based on how your little one is eating, and, gradually bend it straight, so they are eating correctly!

Activity cubes are commonplace in nurseries and schools, but it’s also critical for your young one to have educational, mental stimulation at home! This activity cube is perfect - there’s a wide range of different, stimulating activities for your little one to get their teeth into, with 8 games contained within this single cube! Development in areas such as: colour, shape, number and time recognition; are all possible with this activity cube, and more! Entertain and engage your toddler for hours on end and watch as they grow in leaps and bounds!

Your talkative toddler soon grows; making friends in nursery, and, discovering that, although they wept the first few weeks you left them there, they slowly grew more and more confident, and found that they can do things when you’re not beside them.

You may find it’s due to these important life experiences and milestones, that they want to be a little more independent, playtime included! Well, our Teepee Play Tent is the perfect space for hours upon hours of after school fun to be had, and, it’s easy enough to be moved and put away once bedtime arrives! It can be used as a play area, a little fort, a picnic area , and, somewhere to store their toys when they’re finished, so it’s wonderfully multi-functional, and, a pretty little structure, to add to your child’s room!

We all have fears, and, children are no different, with one of the most common fears, to no surprise of any us, being the dark - some of you reading this, are, probably still a little weary, and, that’s perfectly okay and normal, but, there is a sweet little product we have, that, can help ease that fear for your precious little one (absolutely anyone, in fact!) Our LED Rabbit Night Light emits a beautiful, soft glow of either warm pink or cool blue, and, there are two adorable face designs to choose from, so, not only does it act as a barrier to that fear, but, it’s also a very friendly, bunny face, and, your child will learn to associate it with bedtime, but bedtime without complete darkness.


That’s all for today’s post, but weren’t there some incredible products? Well, they were only a select few that I picked out from a huge assortment, because, we would be here all day, and, we all have some lazy Sunday-ing to catch up on, but, feel free to browse our online store for more gorgeously unique products! Until next time, have a wonderful day and a fabulous week ahead!

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