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Online Products for You - Dog Edition 🐶!

Did you know that 26% of the UK population own a dog, and, globally, dogs are the most paw-paw-lar pet to own (closely followed by cats, I must add!) Probably not a surprise, for all you dog owners out there - they are such good-natured, loyal companions!

Seeing as this isn’t a shocking fact for you, I have another one, especially for any sci-fi/Star Wars fans here - the cheeky, clever little creatures that have Endor as their home - Ewoks, are based on a dog, more specifically, the Brussels Griffon! This is because George Lucas used to own 5 of these unique-looking little pups, and, they even have the same personality as an Ewok - energetic, inquisitive, but love a good cuddle! Here’s a comparison of a Brussels Griffon and an Ewok side by side!

That's the cheeky Ewok on the left & the sweet Brussels Griffon on the right - just in case you can't spot the difference!

Now we are brimming with doggy facts, welcome to ‘Online Products for You - Dog Edition!’ Today’s post is all about the wide range of products we have in our online shop, just for your precious pups and they are paw-fect for all dogs, whether they’re a greying senior or a wild little fluff ball! So, onto the product selection!

If you like the sound of any of these products, simply click on the image above and you’ll be directed straight to the product page!

All animals need a source of entertainment and dogs are certainly no exception - in fact, they probably need to be kept engaged more than most pets because if they’re bored, they can get up to all different kinds of mischief (we’ve all either seen or experienced the horrors of a destroyed sofa, feathers from a ruined pillow, or, trash covering every inch of someone’s home !)

Unfortunately, we don’t always have the time or the energy to play with our pets, regardless of how much we really want to and for those days, our Dog Toy with Suction Cup is absolutely paw-fect! Attach the vibrant toy to a flat, sturdy surface (either the floor or a wall), fill the chew toy with your pup’s most scrumptious treats or dry food and once your dog sniffs out that delicious reward, they’ll go bonkers trying to retrieve it!

There are several benefits to using this toy to entertain your beloved companion - it can be used as an aid to control how much your pup eats at a time, which helps with dieting, it can also be used solely as a chew toy, on which they can tug and gnaw at, for hours on end, it will keep them engaged endlessly, desperate for that scrummy award, until they tire out and most wonderfully, your beautiful home will remain intact! If however, you do have time to play with your fur-end, simply remove the suction cup from whichever surface and use that end to hold, whilst your pup plays tug of war with you!

One essential product your doggy must have is a comfy, cosy, paw-somely luxurious bed - after all, they do sleep for 12-14 hours a day (don’t we all wish we could do that?) Well luckily, we have the most paw-fect pup bed, so that your companion can sleep the day away - our Fleece Pet Cave Bed! This bed is made from 100%, soft, gentle cotton, creating a snug, fur-bulous fleece and making for glorious heat installation, so your precious pet will stay toasty warm throughout the chiller months of the year, making it the perfect spot to snuggle down into, for a long winter’s nap.

Another paw-some feature of this bed is that it is in the shape of a cave, with a hood on the top and a small opening, which acts as a safe, secure haven for those pups that are a little more anxious than others or puppies who are still familiarising themselves with their new surroundings and especially, during certain times of the year - Bonfire Night or Independence Day, where masses of celebratory fireworks are a traditional staple, your dog will feel wonderfully paw-tected, as their overwhelmed senses are soothed by the shape of this gorgeous bed !

A lot of pet beds can be unsightly, but not our Fleece Pet Cave Bed - it is a gorgeous minimalist style and design, available in a wide variety of colours, both neutral and vibrant, so you can select whichever suits your home best because it’s im-paw-tant that pet furnishings look good, as well as benefiting your pet!

Most of our canine companions need at least 30-60 minutes of physical exercise a day and that all depends on the breed of your pup too, so it’s no surprise that by the time they reach home sweet home, they (and paw-sibly you) are panting heavily and in desperate need of a fresh, cooling drink of crisp water! Wouldn’t it be wonderfully woof-tastic if they could stay cool and hydrated on the go?!

Well, with our PETKIT Gen 2, Eversweet Smart Travel aka a water bottle for dogs, you needn’t worry about rushing home to grab a drink - simply fill the bottle with fresh water before you leave and you’re set! It’s a portable, durable, leak proof design, easy to use with one button controlling the dispensing of water, locking the mechanism and refilling - absolutely paw-fect, even if your hands are full! The plastic used is BPA free, anti-bacterial and scratch-resistant, so even the most powerful chompers couldn't damage it! A silicone ring prevents leaks - no leaks means no contamination and no unpleasant, poorly doggy tummies! It’s paw-somely portable, with a hang buckle and string handle attached to the cup, meaning you can hook it around your wrist, on your companion’s leash or connect it to your bag - it’s truly everything you and your pup needs!

Upon thinking fur-ther about the fact that dogs spend hours upon hours a week exercising, whether that be on walks, runs or a peaceful little hike, it’s im-paw-tant to consider the pads of their paws! Even though the skin is a tough, leather like texture, with the ability to mostly withstand different types of terrain and weather conditions, they can still get a little dry and sore because unlike us, they sadly can’t protect their paws (feet) with comfy, bouncy shoes!

So, it’s up to us to paw-tect their sweet pads and we have a unique product just for that purpose - Organic Pet Paw Balm! It’s made from a delightful combination of moisturising ingredients, such as: cocoa butter, beeswax and sunflower oil, all of which help to soothe the delicate skin and aid it to retain that all important moisture! This little tube of magic balm is basically an intensive hand cream for your pup, so apply this and watch, as your loyal companion will be able to walk, run and jump for hours longer, with healthy, happy, baby-soft paws afterwards!

Getting a dog is a fur-bulously exciting adventure for all of you involved and one of the most special choices to make, is deciding on what to name your pup - some of you may suggest some quirky names, film character names or have a search on Google for what the most paw-paw-lar male/female dog names are! However you come to agree on your fur-end’s name, for such a big decision, it just has to be celebrated and there’s no better way to do so than by purchasing a beautiful collar for your dog to wear proudly, strutting around, displaying their sweet, carefully picked name!

Our Personalised Pet Collar is the second best choice you’ll make (naming your pup being the first, of course) - it has a stunning, classy, rose gold buckle and detailing, where your dog’s name and your contact number can be intricately engraved and there are 3 different, striking, bold and vivid collar designs to choose from, the material they are made from being breathable, gentle on their skin and stretchy enough to be paw-fectly comfortable! It’s a gorgeous, essential accessory for your pet and they deserve to have a little luxury hanging around their neck - it’s the leash you can do for them!

Now, whilst this last product is certainly not essential, it is the cutest and you know what they say: ‘Save the best till last!’ Dressing up our pets has become an extremely paw-paw-lar thing to do and while some people aren’t the biggest fan, I personally think dogs especially, look incredibly adorable in their little outfits (I don’t think my two kitties would appreciate it one bit!) Some outfits our pup’s flaunt their stuff in are just for show and they’re not beneficial for them whatsoever, apart from getting many more snuggles and smooches than normal!

Others however, like our Fashion Clothes for Pets, don’t just make them look irresistible to cuddle, but this gorgeous, cosily warm, cotton, hooded sweatshirt, provides them with instant heat installation, which is a necessity for the chillier months and it paw-tects them from the wetter weather, especially the sweet little hood! With a very clever play on the paw-paw-lar sports fashion brand, Adidas, these Adidog, hooded sweatshirts are available in an assortment of vividly bright colours and beautifully neutral tones and a range of sizes! So, what are you waiting for - make your pup the talk of the town, today!

And those fur-tastic clothes conclude our post today! We have plenty more where they came from, so why not check out our online shop for yourself - we have a vast assortment of products for everyone - you’ll be as excited as a dog with a bone!

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend, and, please, if you want to, share some pictures of your dear pups - we would be thrilled to see their adorable faces!

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