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Online Products for You - 'School's out for Summer' Edition ☀️!

July's weather started off a little topsy-turvy, which isn't uncommon here, in the UK - warm and bright one day, murky and rainy the next, but for the last couple of weeks, predicting the weather has become rather easy - scorching and beautifully sunny, which is highly unusual - our weather is normally incredibly unpredictable from day to day!

One thing that is predictable, however, is that when the warmer weather arrives, 'school's out for summer', (I know you belted that out in your head) and, we have brought together a small selection of our products, that are absolutely essential to entertain and engage your little one's throughout the summer school holidays! So, without further ado, welcome to 'Online Products for You - 'School's out for Summer' Edition!' Up first are our selected products!

If you like the sound of any of the products described, simply find their image above, give it a click and you'll be directed straight to its web page! Now, onto why you and your little (or not so little) one's, need these products in your lives!

Whether they read the colourful comics or enjoyed the long-running television series, most children, young or a little older, are familiar with the comedic, plumptious, lasagne-loving, orange tabby named Garfield! Or, if they don’t know who Garfield is, to them he is just a comical-looking cat and what child doesn’t love kitties?!

That’s why this Garfield Building Block Figure is purr-fect for every child - consisting of approximately 1️⃣0️⃣3️⃣2️⃣ single blocks, creating this incredibly accurate, detailed figure will have your child engaged for hours on end, whilst developing their fine motor skills and aiding brain development, so they are secretly learning, but shh! Why not get involved with them and make building this 70s kitty, a way of having some parent-child time and building that all im-paw-tant relationship?!

If wherever you go, your child spots an air hockey machine and they beg you to play on it (aka me) then, this miniature, but just as thrilling Sling Puck Game is the perfect, tabletop substitute!

The aim of the game is exactly the same, but perhaps a little more of a challenge - you have to sling all your pucks into your opponents area as quickly as you possibly can - scoring is just a marvellous bonus! Of course, two players are absolutely essential, but this could spark up a family gaming night - choose a day (Fri-yay or Saturday are probably the best), get in some snacks, drinks, and let the gaming and family fun commence! It’s the perfect way to build bonds, get ever closer to one another and have something to look forward to every, single week! It also brings out everyone’s competitive side - ideal for building motivation and problem solving skills in your little ones!

This may sound like something out of your nightmares, especially if you have very young children or toddlers in your home, but trust us, it’s a 0️⃣ mess activity!

Simply, unfold the drawing pad, fill up the pens with clean water and it’s all ready to go! Your children can unleash their creativity, by drawing on the pad over and over again because just like magic, after 3-10 minutes their drawing will disappear 🪄, leaving your little one’s in wonder and desperate to see the wizardry all over again! But that’s far from being all - it’s a wonderful, fun educational tool, especially for your toddlers, with 8 kinds of visual recognition including: the alphabet, numeracy, animals, colours and more, so even though your children are at home, the learning doesn’t have to stop, but it also doesn’t have to be boring!

We all know that children absolutely love, love, love to role-play and this mini, Children’s Toy Refrigerator is the absolute perfect way to either rekindle that from their school environment or to spark your little one’s imagination, with a completely new discovery - it has everything they could possibly need to make up a role-play about whatever their heart desires and of course, a little input from parents is welcome (depending on your child’s rules, of course!)

This toy fridge includes a vast assortment of mini food stuff and drinks, from milk to ice cream, a small ‘freezer’ section and (even I’m excited about this) an ice dispenser, like those fancy fridges have! Whoever’s child gets one of these is incredibly lucky and they will have hours of fun telling stories alongside it and most likely inviting you for a little teddy bear tea party! As well as being an amazing source of entertainment, this refrigerator ignites your child’s imagination and story-telling skills!


That delightful item concludes today's blog post! We hope you enjoyed going through our small selection of items that we think would bring your children hours of endless entertainment and learning, during the rather long summer holidays, meaning no more crying to you that they’re bored and plenty more ‘me’ time for you - you deserve it!

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