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Our 2020 Yearly Round-Up

Wow, what a year it has been! It’s safe to say 2020 has had many lows and some highs. For us, 2020 was the year our company came to life. In this post we will be reflecting on the successes of the past few months and highlighting the projects our teams loved the most!

We were honoured to team up with our friends at The Kitty Café this year on a number of cat products. We kickstarted our collaboration with Cat Fish. Cat Fish is a treat dispensing chew toy for your favourite furry felines! The project was fully funded in 48 hours which was a huge triumph for the team and the campaign total soared to over £6,000! But the cat products did not stop there with our release of Puzzle Paws over on IndieGoGo.

Puzzle Paws is a treat dispensing ball that encourages your cats to get inquisitive. Puzzle Paws rewards your cat with a treat after a round of play and encourages exercise in a bid to prevent lazy lockdown kitties! Puzzle Paws beat its campaign goal and we are hoping to channel that same success as it recently launched over on Kickstarter. Ives Bryan, our Puzzle Paws product designer, shared a few words about the project:

“Puzzle Paws was a really fun project to work on and the response we had from it was great. It is really rewarding seeing that people want to support your project and it was a pleasure working alongside The Kitty Cafe on this product. A portion of the proceeds went to cat rescue so it was great to see people giving support where they could.”

More recently our final cat product of this year graced the Kickstarter platform. Kitty Bowl is an elevated food/drink bowl that aims to improve health and well-being by aiding your cat’s digestion. Kitty Bowl was a huge success and was fully funded within 24 hours making it our fastest funded campaign to date.

Photo Cube was another exciting creation that has recently been launched. Photo Cube was bringing something truly unique hat had never been seen before! Aiming to capture your memories for a lifetime, these unique display pieces are sure to turn heads. The idea was to take peoples photos and turn them into a unique memento that can truly last a lifetime.

Our final project to launch this year saw us entering the wonderful world of dice. 3Dice was a hugely exciting project for the team. Our designers handcrafted and hand finished ten different 3D dice collections ranging from fun emojis to royal Kings & Queens. The project was bringing something unique to the dice world that had never been seen before. The project recently launched on Kickstarter and we are hoping it will bring in great success in the new year. We spoke to one of our project leads, Molly Copoc, about the project:

“3Dice was definitely one of my favourite creations to come out of 2020. It has been amazing to see our designers produce such fantastic collections and the future is looking bright. We have kickstarted the business with some fantastic ideas and there are certainly plenty more to come in 2021. The team here cannot wait to use their creativity to continue to deliver innovative products straight to your door.”

So, that is it for the 2020 yearly roundup! We stay hopeful that the new year will be better for us all and we for one cannot wait to deliver you more fantastic products. Thankyou to anyone who has supported us throughout the start of our journey. We are only just getting started. Stay tuned for more!

On behalf of us all here, have a happy new year!

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