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Our Online Shop is Brimming with Treats for Everyone!

We are busy, constantly updating our online shop, with new, exciting and intriguing products being added every single day and we are here to have a little natter about a few of our favourites! Grab yourself a steaming cup of your favourite drink, a few biscuits and sit back and relax, as we delve into our product pick n' mix!

The first item we have absolutely fell in love with and we think you will too, is our Oversized Cat Ear Hoodies - they are absolutely adorable and whilst, we are coming out of the bitter cold of winter, there's still a chill in the air and these hoodies are purr-fect to keep you toasty warm, through till the summer months!

Being oversized, this is probably one of the comfiest hoodies you've ever worn and will make you feel like you're being engulfed in a big, cosy cuddle and the feline details - they are overwhelming cute! There's a sweet little kitty, sprawled out on the front of the hoodie and some beautifully sewn cat ears on the hood itself! If you're a cat lover or know someone who is, this hoodie is purr-fect and available in three different colours - black, grey or wine!

Love it as much as we do? Take a peek meow, by clicking on the image above!

We are obviously in a catty mood this week because our next favourite paw-duct is our Cat Paw Mouse Pad! Many of us have been working from home these past months and so our dining room tables have been turned into temporary desks or maybe you made some space for a desk of your own! Whatever your situation, this mouse pad is a meow-vellous piece of decor and practicality!

Once you've finally gotten over how incredibly cute it is (it takes a few minutes, we know), you'll be able to see that the paw part of the design (the toe beans) is raised and that's because they are there to provide a soft, cushion-like support for your wrists, so you can wave a cheery goodbye to those pesky aches and pains! This irresistible design is also a paw-some way to add a little fun and quirkiness to your desk, wherever that may be!

We know you're tempted to squish those toe beans, so click on them to find out more!

Our next item is one that we are absolutely obsessed with because it's utterly fascinating! It's eco-friendly and something that is sure to impress anyone who comes across them - our Natural Coconut Wood Bowls!

Aren't they simply gorgeous? It's quite difficult to imagine that they are made out of coconut shells - nature is truly beautiful. These bowls make for a stunning, awe-inspiring addition to any situation, whether that be to hold snacks for a night in on the sofa or if they're used as a way to serve up a family favourite! Let's be honest, they'll be the centre of attention regardless - unearthing wonder and sparking deep, wonderful conversations. All of that and you'll be playing your part in protecting the beauty that is our planet!

Can't do without? Give the image a tap and it'll direct you straight to them!

The final, but most certainly not least of all our selected favourites, is something for those bundles of fur that deserve a well-earned treat, after keeping our attitude paw-sitive throughout this difficult time - our pets! We are mostly talking about our bigger pets, but if your hamster wanted to crawl in, nobody could blame them - our Cosy Sleeping Bags for Pets are simply irresistible!

You may think it looks like a bed for humans, but no, it is made to be just paw-fect for your furry companion - it's gorgeously plush and pillowy, heavenly soft, toasty warm for those chilly evenings - unlike most pet beds, your beloved fur-end will be fully enveloped in cosy bedding and they even have their own tiny pillow! It's available in a range of sweet cover designs and sizes, to truly suit your precious pet!

Treat them to this luxury bed, that says 'I Love You' more than anything else, by clicking on the image above!

And that is the end of our online shop exploration - we hope you enjoyed it! There's such a wide range of unique, beautiful products, it's impossible to do it justice, so why not check it out yourself and we will see you next time! Have a bright, wonderful day wherever you are!

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