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Our Top 3 Current Crowdfunding Campaigns

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Struggling to think of gift ideas? Whether you’re buying for your mum, dad or even your pet; we’ve chosen three Kickstarter projects that could be the answer to your gift-giving woes.

Kickstarter and IndieGoGo are both fantastic platforms with many incredible projects doing their bit to get funded and get you new, innovative products delivered to your doorstep. We 'kickstart' our top three countdown with The Contagion Cubes.

1. The Contagion Cubes -

The Contagion Cubes are a captivating 3D image collection of six of the worlds headline viruses and bacterium. These colourful depictions have been handcrafted and hand finished by UK-based designers using the latest in high-quality 3D technology – the first of it’s kind in Europe. These unique display pieces showcase detailed craftmanship and are sure to be a conversation piece for any science-lover out there!

2. Pawsome Puzzler

This is one for all of you pet parents out there! The Pawsome Puzzler is a fantastic treat-dispenser for your pooches! This treat-dispensing ball comes in two different sizes so there is sure to be a Pawsome Puzzler out there, fit for any canine. The pawsome Puzzler has several great benefits for your beloved pet and is sure to keep them entertained for hours!

3. Silver Shield

It is no secret that a face mask has become our most-used accessory in 2020. Silver Shield is a range of reusable face masks that are infused with a silver lining. Silver is a natural anti-bacterial agent that helps slow down the growth of bacteria. Silver Shield has already smashed its campaign goal within 48 hours over on Kickstarter and it’s not hard to see why! These fashionable-yet-efficient face masks come in a range of nine different colours and there are even two universal sizes, so everyone in the family can enjoy one!

So, there we have it! Three of our current favourite Kickstarter campaigns, fit for anyone! Make sure to check out these fantastic campaigns and support them as and where you can. Every pledge is hugely appreciated. Stay tuned for more “Top 3” blog posts in the future.

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