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Our Top 3 Most Popular Campaigns so far!

We hope you're all having a wonderful weekend, and to help your lazy Sunday along, we have a thrilling 'Campaign Countdown' for you to really get your claws into! So, kick back and relax, as we take you through our most popular crowdfunding campaigns, delving into the past and present, and see if you agree!

In all honesty, this post should've probably been called 'Our Top 3 Most Paw-purr-lar Campaigns so far' because 2 of our top 3 were created for our beloved feline friends! Now, I will try to keep the cat puns to a minimum, but, the key word is 'try' - once you get into it, it's so difficult to stop! So, as you read through this post, why not see how many catty puns you can find, and comment the number below, and, even better, let me know if you have any others - go wild with your suggestions!

Now, I hope you're all comfy - it's time for the countdown to begin!


At number 3, we have the beautifully unique, one of a kind, gaming dice - 3Dice

We've all been told before, that the best things come in small packages, and that was certainly proved by these little beauties - they were fully funded in a whopping (4) hours! Whilst it was an astonishing discovery for us, and we are endlessly grateful for every little bit of support our campaigns receive - how could you resist these playful, beautifully designed-and-crafted gaming dice?

With a multitude of incredibly fun and cute designs to choose from, all of which have stunning intricacies and vivid, striking colours, you'd be grinning from ear to ear, like the cat that got the cream, as you study the finest of details - the tiny jewels in the crown, or the sweet eyes of a dog. It's because of these charming features, that 3Dice make eye-catching display pieces, for people who want to simply appreciate the hard work and unbelievable craftsmanship, that has gone into designing and creating each stunning piece of miniature art.

We think you'll agree that with all of these astounding characteristics, 3Dice definitely deserve the number 3 spot!


On we go to the number 2 spot, and it's one of our many collaborations with The Kitty Café - the Kitty Bowl

Now, there are cat bowls, and, there's the Kitty Bowl - it's designed to aid your beloved cat's digestion, and provide them with pure comfort and contentment throughout their mealtimes! Clearly, a great many of you want your kitty to be as happy as possible, because, this campaign was fully funded in an incredible 24 hours!

Being so beneficial for our dear bundles of fluff, it's easy to see why you claw-some owners decided to sup-paw-t this campaign. The brightly-coloured, beautifully-designed stand with the sweetest little kitty engraving, elevates the pair of bowls. Being at height, in comparison to most bowls that are normally placed on ground level, makes mealtimes much comfier for your precious kitty. It could also contribute towards preventing them from being sick so frequently, which is horrid for the poor kitties, and us, as we watch helplessly.

You might be wondering how this meow-vellous, revolutionary product didn't make the top spot - well, wonder no longer as we talk about the champion of all campaigns!


Not only is the No.1 🥇 campaign our most popular, but it is also our most quickly-funded! What product could possibly be so wonderful, I hear you ask? It's another of our catty collaborations - the Cat Climber

This is a piece of furniture for you, your cat, and your home, designed to fit in with all of your needs and wants, so it's not surprising why it was fully funded in a mind-boggling 15 minutes.

Sleek and slim in design, it's the purr-fect space saver and it has everything your dear feline needs - a climbing and clawing surface, and a perch for them to sit or have a well-deserved cat nap on! That isn't all! You know that cats absolutely adore to climb, hence why we designed our cat climber to have a safe, highly-durable surface for your kitty to really satisfy their desire to climb! Once your cat reaches the top, there is a seat of their very own, where they will feel secure and comfortable, making for an extremely happy and healthy kitty!

It really is the cat's whiskers, isn't it? Did you know it's still up for purr-chase on IndieGoGo?

Wow, what a ride! Do you agree with our Top 3, or is your favourite project not here? Let us know in the comments below, and give this post a like, if you do agree!

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