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Photo Cube Aims To Capture Your Memories To Last A Lifetime!

Photo Cube is a new creation that recently graced the Kickstarter platform. This personalised memory-capture item is sure to turn heads and be a true conversation piece amongst many!

This creation is so unique and amazingly quirky that we had to share it with you all. Gone are the days of forgotten photographs and damaged prints. Photo Cube takes your photos and turns them into a 3D work of art.

But, how does it work? Well, it really is quite simple. All you need to do is send the Photo Cube team a photo of your choice. Just make sure you aren’t showing any of your teeth in the photo, as their designers get scared rather easily! The higher-quality the image, the better-quality your Photo Cube will be. Pretty awesome, right?

But why pledge for a Photo Cube? Let’s all be honest with ourselves. How many of us have a camera roll filled with thousands of memories that are just being forgotten about? Over time, photographs get damaged and faded. A Photo Cube is for life. Made with durable materials, your photos can be immortalised for life. It’s pretty cool, if you ask us.

The price of a Photo Cube starts at as little as £30. There are four sizes to choose from, starting at small, and going right up to extra-large. There are even family bundles that contain four individual Photo Cubes, so they can be shared with your friends and loved ones.

The Photo Cube team can capture an image of your mum, grandad, cousin, nephew... the list goes on!

The campaign has just over two weeks left to go, so don’t forget to check it out over on Kickstarter:

The Photo Cube team are so close to hitting their campaign goal, and need the help of supporters like you to bring their creation to life.

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