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The Benefits Of Treat Dispensing Toys For Your Pets

We have recently posted two crowdfunding campaigns: Puzzle Paws & Pawsome Puzzler. Both campaigns are for our treat dispensing toys. One for cats and one for dogs.

We are a team of animal lovers here at ProtoHype so we will always aim to make products with our favourite furry felines and pampered pooches at heart. We noticed there are many advantages for not only your pet but also for you when it comes to these two products.

Treat dispensing balls are both physically and mentally stimulating for our pets. Lockdown has not only been hard on us humans but also our pets. It’s important we encourage them to engage in active play as this can improve our pet’s well-being as well as eliminate boredom.

One of the obvious factors of these products is they promote exercise. These toys are specifically useful during wintertime or on rainy days when your dog or cat might not get outside as much.

Both Puzzle Paws and Pawsome Puzzler are also great products that will help your pet with separation anxiety. Whilst most of us have to leave the house for most of the day to go to work or do the food shop we can’t always give our pets the companionship they need. You can leave the house with ease knowing your kitten or pooch has something to focus on and has food to keep them occupied throughout the day.

Most importantly, they are fun! Both cats and dogs enjoy the challenge and reward of working for food. We truly believe in these fantastic products and what’s more important is they have been tried and tested and loved by many cats and dogs out there. Support the campaigns today using the links below. We appreciate any pledge you may be able to give. Thankyou.

Puzzle Paws:

Pawsome Puzzler:

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