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Top Tips For Staying Motivated

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

It’s that dreaded time again, when the clocks have gone back, and, before we know it, the sun has become a distant memory. Coming into the winter months can be hard on most of us. The day feels like it’s come to an end at 5pm, when we are faced with dark skies and little sunlight. During times like these it can be rather difficult to stay motivated in pretty much everything we do in day-to-day life. It becomes a lot easier to think “Yeah, I’ll skip the gym today” or “I’ll finish that task tomorrow”.

Luckily for you, we're on hand with some handy tips to ensure you keep yourselves motivated and driven in the lead-up to 2021.

One tip we utilise here in the office is setting yourselves goals you want to hit throughout the week. To ensure you meet these goals, make sure to split them into daily tasks. Ticking these tasks off your list throughout the week is only going to give you a greater sense of achievement and help spur you on to achieve more. Setting your goals out will also help you feel more organised and less like these tasks are going to come crashing down on top of you!

Another useful tip to follow is to starve your distractions! It’s way too easy for most of us to get distracted by our phones, co-workers, or other electronic devices. If you know one of those is a weakness, do what you can to avoid it! Put your phone zipped away in your bag or find a quiet space where you can really focus on what you’re doing.

Finally, make sure to reward yourself! Find out what really motivates you! Maybe it’s the thought of a Friday night gin and tonic, or maybe it’s your weekly takeaway. By setting these rewards for yourself, you’ll be amazed at how it can get you through the working week and who says the struggle of staying motivated can't be a fun one?

We will be back with some more handy tips in the future so make sure to keep checking out our blogs on the ProtoHype website!

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