• katiehowitt

Turning Your Pets 🐱 🐶 🐰 🐍 into Purr-fect Works of Art 🎨!

Hello to all of our fur-bulous readers and as you may have guessed from that little introduction (and the title), today’s post is all about pets, but more specifically, our newest paw-ject in pre-launch - Pet Paw-traits 🐾

We think you’ll agree with us when we say that every picture of any pet, great or small, should be cherished! Well, there’s surely no better way of doing that than by turning that image into a truly unique, fun and characterful piece of art - and there’s absolutely no denying that each portrait is brimming, with bags upon bags of personality!

As owners and lovers of our beloved furry, feathered and scaled babies, from the largest of dogs, to the smallest of budgies, we are the only people that have the true pleasure of seeing and experiencing their wondrous individuality and distinctive, sometimes sweet, sometimes incredibly odd, little quirks, that make them the pets and more importantly, the companions we adore so much! So, it’s only natural that we end up having fantastical daydreams, about them having similar features or mannerisms to someone famous or a fantasy film character, isn’t it?

Sooty's one with the Force & off to save the galaxy!

That’s where Pet Paw-traits swoop in! Whether your gentle, good-natured pooch would bring balance to the Force, as a Master Jedi, your kitty is as pam-purr-ed as a true royal or your feathered friend has courage aplenty, to be sorted into the House of Gryffindor - Pet Paw-traits can bring your dreams to life and take your pet to a whole new, exhilarating, other-worldly dimension, that you never thought possible!

How, we hear you ask! Well, luckily, for you especially, it’s meow-vellously quick and easy! All you have to do is send in that treasured image of your precious pet, pick a category and our tremendously talented Digital Artist will do the rest, creating a stunningly accurate, whimsical, hand-drawn artist’s impression of your pet, transformed into whomever you choose!

Who you gonna call? Tata the Ghostbuster!

Speaking of - there is a wide array of stand-out, well-known categories for you to pick from, including: Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Star Trek and Game of Thrones and that is just a very small selection of our vast assortment!

Our question to you is, which category are you tempted with? Comment below with your answer and what character you see your pet as paw-traying purr-fectly! Whether you're 100% sure or you're still contemplating, give the image below a hi-paw to sign up to be notified of their launch!

That's all for today! Thank you for reading and we hope you have an incredible rest of the weekend 🥰!