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Update From Team Jolly

Hello, Team Jolly here! It’s been a busy few weeks for ourselves and the team. We have been working on several exciting new projects with Team Jolly already having three crowdfunding campaigns published and currently awaiting pledges!

Our first campaign we released was The Contagion Cubes - a captivating 3D image collection of some of the worlds most acclaimed headline viruses and bacterium. We worked with both Charlie and Afra on this project – Our 3D modelling product designers. They worked tirelessly to produce these fantastic display pieces, so the pressure was on to create a campaign that matched! With many meetings and constant changes to the campaign myself and Jacob are so pleased with the result. The Contagion Cubes are live on Kickstarter and currently awaiting more pledges to achieve our £4,000 goal. If we meet our campaign goal, this will allow us to fund the manufacturing process behind The Contagion Cubes. We truly believe in the product and cannot encourage you enough to support these fantastic art pieces.

Shortly after we moved onto The Celebrity Cubes campaign. This fantastic campaign has allowed us to target an American market as we go across the pond to create a unique piece of memorabilia to mark this year’s 2020 United States Presidential Election. These 3D images perfectly encapsulate candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden. We wanted to create a fun campaign for this one so made sure to create eye catching pictures and gifs throughout the campaign and show off the craftmanship behind each individual cube created again by our 3D modelling product designers – Afra and Charlie. Make sure to check out there work over on our website:

Our recent campaign – Puzzle Paws felt like Team Jolly had started to gain momentum. We started to utilise each other’s skills well to create this fantastic, bright, and colourful campaign with enough cat gifs and fun promotional videos to convert anyone out there to be a cat lover! We are working in conjunction with The Kitty Café on this campaign who are a fantastic organisation that look after and rehome rescue cats and kittens. A portion of the proceeds will go towards cat rescue so we remain hopeful that we can beat our campaign goal. Check out the campaign here:

We have many more exciting projects in the pipeline so until then, stay tuned!

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