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Who needs a Vacation, when you can have a Staycation 🏡?!

Hello to all of our wonderful readers and welcome to another of our Sunday blog posts - perfect to read whilst cradling a cuppa in one hand ☕ and dunking a few biscuits 🍪 in the other!

Isn’t it great that restrictions are beginning to loosen a little? We can finally see our much missed loved ones again 🥰 and even sneak out for a cheeky tipple or two 🍻 and why not?!

Now, the weather may not feel warmer, but the sun has been shining down on us all week ☀️ and I don’t know about you, but it’s starting to make me think about holidays - sandy beaches, glorious rays and rippling waves!

Hang on a second - we may be missing our favourite coastlines or stunning landmarks, but we have all of that in our own back garden, as people say! It’s become a trendy word over the past year, but it’s more than just that - staycations are actually a really creative idea and we’ve come up with several staycation activity suggestions, to jazz up your holidays at home 🏠!

Fakeaway 🍜 - As you’re already taking a twist on your family vacation, why not go all out and mix everything up a little bit and instead of ordering your usual takeaway, create it in your very own kitchen! It’s something the entire family can get stuck into - it may take a while, but put on some music and dance the time away 🎶, whilst making deliciously battered fish, a creamy chicken korma or crispy spring rolls! You may find that it tastes even better because you’ve put your heart into it and had a laugh, with those you love the most ❤️!

Serve up your fakeaway to your little ones, on our Eco-Friendly Tableware for Kids - these sweet, eco-friendly sets include everything your little ones need to enjoy a taste of that delightful fakeaway you’ve just created together! Just a warning to you - once they’ve eaten from it, they’ll never want to eat off of anything else, ever again - the animal designs are just too cute to resist! Click the image to look through the adorable sets!

Cocktails & Mocktails 🍹 - To go with your fakeaway, why not unleash your wild, creative side and have a go at spicing up your weekend tipple?! Cocktails and of course, mocktails are incredibly enjoyable to create from scratch, so fetch a recipe from online or chuck in whatever you have in your cupboards already and see what you come up with 🍸! Again, the whole family will adore getting involved - it may be a bit messy, but that’s all part of the fun, isn’t it? Let us know below what mixes you come up with (we may have to try them out ourselves!)

Cocktails and mocktails alike, are all about the finishing touches that bring them to life and there’s nothing more perfect than some eye-catching, wondrous ice cubes bobbing up and down! Impress guests, by adding a little elegance and pizzazz to their drinks, with our Polar Bear and Penguin Ice Cube Moulds! Click the image to spice up your favourite tipples!

Toasting Marshmallows 🔥 - We know it’s a little chilly outside still, but grab a whole load of soft, cosy blankets, throw on those toasty warm, fluffy socks 🧦 and get outside, with some skewers and squishy marshmallows! Stoke a fire and toast your marshmallows, until they’re golden brown (or a little scorched - they never turn out perfect, but that’s what makes it enjoyable) and indulge yourself! It’s a great activity for the whole family, but gloves are a necessity 🧤 (especially for your little ones) and letting the mallow cool down a little, just to be on the safe side!

We said you needed to wrap up toasty warm for this activity and we meant it! Our beautifully designed, dreamily soft and plush musical themed blanket, is an absolute essential to keep yourself and your family perfectly cosy and even better if you all have a love of music! Click the image to be enveloped in warmth!

Slime Making 🧪 - Staycations are the perfect time to get creative and imaginative, especially when your little ones are on their holidays - there’s nothing they’ll enjoy more than combining a few simple ingredients, to make their very own gooey slime 🧑‍🔬! Entertain your kids for hours on end, as they pick n’ mix different, exciting additions, such as glitter, sequins, food colouring or even their favourite scents (just be sure to put something down to protect your surfaces!) You can check out a simple slime recipe here!

Something that's absolutely essential for slime making, are our Frog Hair Bands! Not only are these some of the cutest little hair bands you’ve probably ever seen, but they are a critical part of the slime making process - you really don’t want to be peeling glittery slime out of your child’s hair, do you? So, adorn their ponytail with a sweet little frog, by clicking on the image!

Camp out in your Garden 🏕️ - That’s right, dig out that old tent, dust it off and pitch it up in your garden or you could borrow one for the night! Wherever you get your tent from, remember to have plenty and we mean plenty of plush, thick, warm blankets to keep you all cosy, plus some pillows of course! Cuddle up, hop into the house to make some creamy, indulgent hot cocoa, with all the trimmings and tell stories or share memories. Enjoy your night under the stars 🌌 - it’s an experience you’ll never forget!

Two of the vital items you need with you for camping outdoors are - cushions and lighting, but what if you could combine the two? Ideal and clever, right? Well, grab yourself a few of these gorgeous Luminous Light Up Cushions - the light is soft and comforting, whilst the cushion itself is wonderfully plush and perfect for a nap or a cuddle - the designs are just too cute, so click the image to grab yourself a few!

Host a Family Talent Show 🎪 - This can be an all day activity! Plan in advance when you’re going to be performing and get everyone involved (not just kids, you adults too!) Spend the morning practising your best, craziest dance moves 🕺, your highest singing notes 🎤 and your most mind-blowing magic tricks then 🎩, take to the homemade stage and have a blast! Why not set up a video camera to record the entire performance - it could be something to send to your friends and family or a wonderful memory to look back on throughout the years!

How can you possibly host a family talent show without having some sort of special decorations? You simply can’t, but don’t fret - our star wall decorations are surely the prettiest additions to your home, that’s suddenly been converted into a stage! The real question is, who will be the star of the show? Whoever it is, why not click the image to decorate your home beautifully, for a special, family event?

These are only a few of the many different ways you can make your staycation unique, fun, memorable and packed full of laughter and joy 😄! If you have any suggestions, why not comment below with other activities, maybe ones you’ve already tried out and loved or if you had a staycation last year, what did you do to make it special for your whole family? We would love to hear from you all 🤗 and we hope you all have a lovely, relaxing rest of the weekend!

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