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Why Are We Working In Conjunction With The Kitty Café?

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

You may have noticed that in two of our latest Crowdfunding Campaigns, we are working in conjunction with an organisation called The Kitty Café. We are a locally-based (Nottingham) company who want to support other businesses out there.

Let us tell you a bit about The Kitty Café. The Kitty Café are a fantastic organisation who re-home and provide a care facility for cats and kittens from a range of backgrounds. From rescue cats, to strays, to cats which have had medical issues – The Kitty Café take them in and look after them until they find their forever home.

Co-owner of the Kitty Café, Kate Charles-Richards said: “Before the pandemic, we were generating our funds from all of the face-to-face interactions we would get when our lovely customers would come to see us, and those funds directly helped us to look after the animals. Unfortunately, that is very limited now, so we have been thinking up new ways to ensure that we get funded.”

We know we can create unique and innovative products which other organisations, like The Kitty Café may not have, so we wanted to use our facilities to help others. Both Cat Fish and Puzzle Paws will donate a portion of its proceeds to cat rescue, and in return the staff over at The Kitty Café have been fantastic, allowing us to go over and film/take pictures of the cats and use their facilities as and when we need – it has been a joy to work with this fantastic organisation and we have built a great friendship with them.

Kate continued to say: “We have decided to team up with ProtoHype. ProtoHype is a fantastic company that has innovative ideas about bringing products directly to you, and, of course, we know cats. So, we thought, if we team up; we can bring some fantastic products for your cats directly to you and those funds can help us continue to support, rescue, rehabilitate and rehome all of the cats that are in our care.”

Keep your eyes peeled for more collaborations with The Kitty Café in the future. We have several exciting ideas and projects in the works and are very excited about our future.

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