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Why We Should Use Silver In The Creation Of Face Masks

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

It is safe to say that our face masks have become our newest accessory. Whether you are popping out to do your food shop, or sending a parcel at your local post office, it has now become essential for us to wear our masks to protect those around us. But what about wearing a mask that also protects you?

Recently, we have been experimenting with silver in the use of face masks and as a result have created our Silver Shield line. But what makes silver so great? Silver is one of the safest and benign substances known around the world! It is a naturally occurring element which has anti-bacterial properties. Pretty cool, right?

There are no chemicals and no toxicity for the wearer with a silver-infused face mask, so there is no risk of breathing in any harsh chemicals. Nano-silver particles release ions that slow down the growth of bacteria and fungi. As a result, nano-silver helps prevent viruses and bacteria which can often lead to us feeling rather poorly.

Disposable masks are known to be very harsh on our environment but with a face mask like the Silver Shield you can re-use your mask again and again. By using antimicrobial technology, your silver-infused mask will easily demonstrate greater than 90% bacterial reduction after 50 home-launderings!

Our silver-infused face masks are made using a thin, light, economical, high-performance fabric with superior wicking for a cool, dry, and fresh feel. The Silver Shield is engineered for ultimate comfort. The mask is made with extremely breathable, soft, stretchy, and durable fabric which uses premium hydrophobic fibres.

Many of us have to wear our masks for hours on end, so it is important to pave the way for the new everyday face mask, and that’s what we want to achieve with our Silver Shield line. Our range of face masks will soon be launching over on Kickstarter and you can sign up to the pre-launch to be notified when the campaign goes live:

We are also running a huge competition giveaway! You could win a full set of Silver Shield face masks – that’s (9) facemasks! Simply sign up to our newsletter for your chance to win. Click this link to find our more:

We truly believe we have created a face mask that is suitable for everyone. With a range of 9 colours and two universal sizes we want to supply our silver-infused masks globally, and help contribute towards a happier and safer world.

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