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Why You Should Be Elevating Your Kitties Food & Drink

We have recently launched a new campaign over on Kickstarter. For those of you who may have missed it, that campaign is Kitty Bowl – an elevated

food/drink bowl that aims to improve your cat’s wellbeing and help aid their digestion.

Many of us are unaware that the type of food/drink bowl we use for our cute kitties could be causing them discomfort. Has your kitty lost an interest in mealtimes? Well, we might just have the solution!

Having an elevated cat bowl can have several advantages towards your cat’s health and well-being and that is what inspired us to create our cute and colourful Kitty Bowl. By raising food/drink off the ground you are encouraging your cats to eat more slowly. Yes, really! Did you know your cat is less likely to consume their food at a fast rate when they can align themselves into a more comfortable position as they eat and drink?

Like you, we love our furry felines. So, if by switching to a Kitty Bowl you can make mealtimes for your cats more enjoyable what’s not to love?

Unlike other bowls on the market, we wanted to also make Kitty Bowl hygienic for your households. The bowls included with our raised stand are dishwasher proof. Simply pop the bowls out of the stand and give them a clean. This will ensure optimum hygiene for you and your kitties by preventing germs from building up.

Want to know one final advantage? Oh, go on then! An elevated Kitty Bowl can also improve your cats’ posture and help prevent major health problems in the future. So, what are you waiting for? Click this link to check out the campaign:

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