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💠 World Hello Day 💠 (21/11/21)

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Remember to greet someone kindly on this day!

One of the many secular and unofficial holidays celebrated in over 150 countries is World Hello Day. It’s celebrated on the 21st of November to help illustrate the importance of communication for preserving world peace.

It’s a very simple act to perform on this day, and that is to just greet 10 people, whether friend or stranger. This makes it a very universally involving event, as everybody can take part in it. Many winners of the Nobel Peace Prize have also noted that World Hello Day’s value is an important instrument for preserving peace since everybody can contribute and participate. Communication has the power to end a lot of war, unkindness and hatred in the world. Other supporters of this worldwide event also include over 100 authors, entertainers and world leaders.

World Hello Day was originated in 1973 by an Arizona State University graduate known as Brian McCormack and Harvard graduate Michael McCormack. It was a direct response to the Arab-Israeli war, which was officially known as the Yom Kippur War.

They gathered all the money they had and bought postage to send out to as many world leaders as they could, asking them to support this new holiday they came up with. Within just one year of their new campaign, they received the support and backing of over 15 different countries, and in the last 42 years, they have managed to receive the additional support of 165 countries!

The only core custom associated with World Hello Day is the practice of saying ‘hello’ to friends and family, but another main focus of it is to particularly greet strangers and learn how to say hello in different languages sometime during the day.

This amazing day is an opportunity for everyone around the world to make an effort to reach out to one another, to greet each other and extend simple kindness as this is the first main step to world peace. And this all starts with a simple ‘Hello’.

You can also use the day to delve into your past and catch up with old friends and peers. Make a phone call or take a trip to visit them and see how they are doing. Life can become overwhelming to the best of us and sometimes it can be a menace to keep in contact with many people, especially if you live quite far away from one another, so making the first move to greet someone is a fantastic way to celebrate World Hello Day!

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