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๐Ÿ’  World Plant Milk Day ๐Ÿ’  (22/08/21)

Today, August 22nd, for the past four (4) years in a row, we've celebrated World Plant Milk Day, because, first and foremost, plant milk is a healthy, sustainable, cost-effective and long-lasting alternative to its dairy counterparts; be that cow, sheep or goat milk - and anything in between. Plant milk safely, quickly and easily provides your body with your daily requirement of essential, key nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Additionally, it tastes great, is low-fat, and is ideal for vegans, vegetarians, celiacs, and anyone suffering from milk fat, dairy or lactose intolerance, aversion, or allergy.

Plant based milk is, indisputably, the best possible substitute for dairy milk, be that cow, goat or sheep. World Plant Milk Day was created in 2017 by the co-founder of Plant-Based News, Robbie Lockie. The day became a collaborative effort between Plant-Based News and ProVeg International in 2018, with the campaign encouraging millions of people around the world to make the switch from dairy milk to plant-based alternatives. Plant Based News is a UK-based website all about veganism and plant-based living. Founded in 1947, ProVeg International is a non-governmental organisation that works in the field of food system change.

Almond, soy, cashew, rice, oat, coconut, hemp and flax are some of the popular plant-based milk types that are, these days, easily available at most major supermarkets of various sizes. The production of plant-based milk is completely cruelty-free, too, which is another great reason to make the switch. Changes like this may seem minor, with negligible results, but, in the long run, they will definitely help reduce our carbon footprint, reduce the harmful effects of the dairy industry (both on the animals and on the environment) and help improve our health and wellbeing.

Today, World Plant Milk Day; also reminds us that choosing, buying and drinking plant milk has other benefits, aside from simply just the improved levels of our health and wellbeing. By choosing a plant-based milk over a dairy milk, even just once, you single-handedly help to eliminate animal cruelty and poor and/or unfair working conditions, and reduce the size of our carbon footprint, both individually and globally, and, the devastating impact(s) of global-warming. So, do your body, your mind, the planet and the world some real good, by, raising a cold, frothy glass of delicious, creamy plant milk, in a toast to health - both to your own, and to the health of our world.

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