Adult StyleShield

Adult StyleShield

This bold, fashionable product makes you the definition of 'unique' and 'innovation!' With one single glance, it looks like a comfy, trendy pullover hoodie, but the harder you look and the more attention you pay to the details of this piece of clothing, you will see that it is much more than a typical hoodie.


It is aptly named, the StyleShield - a stylish pullover hoodie, with a hidden feature - a built-in face mask! We are all aware by now that wearing a face mask is essential, as there are many things that we are unable to do without having one to hand, such as getting onto public transport or doing the weekly grocery shop! However, grabbing a face mask before we leave our homes in a hurry to catch that bus, that'll be there in one minute flat, is something we can easily forget to do and it still isn't instinctive to us.


Face masks are practically a part of our everyday outfit and that's where StyleShield goes that step further, where you're able to assemble your mask with ease - simply clipping it onto the side of your hood, so there's no mad rush and no irritating difficulty, to get it hooked over your ears and positioned in time. The material of the mask is soft, comfortable to wear, breathable and very gentle on your skin, so there's no need to worry about that pesky maskne!


The hoodie itself is available in children and adult sizes - specs of which are detailed in the last featured image and a wide array of vivid, bold colour variations!


Now of course, you can choose to keep this innovative hoodie plain, but there is an option of customisation, which we will explain below:

> You can add one body of text or visual design to the front or back of your StyleShield, in your chosen colour to add that little extra flare and personality (customisation options are shown in the second from last featured image.)


Glitter vinyl can be added for an additional £3!


If you go down the personalisation route, please send us a PDF/Work Document, with the following details inside, to

> Your chosen text or visual design and the colour you would like it to be in.


Once we receive this information, we will get to work on creating your very own StyleShield!