Bamboo Wicker Basket With Gauze

Bamboo Wicker Basket With Gauze

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Handmade Bamboo Woven Bug Proof Wicker Basket with Gauze Dustproof Food Fruit Vegetable Bread Cover 


- Stylish and sturdy bamboo, eco-friendly, light weight, and easy to carry.
- This utility product is suitable for picnic or storage any food or small sundries.
- It is a multi-purpose basket for fruit, vegetables, bread, food serving, storage or display. It also can be use as a dish for your keys, wallet, and cell phone. It is perfect to display product, store fruits and bread and dry goods at home and picnic.


Material: bamboo
Colour: natural colour
Product size: 300 x 290mm/11.8 x 11.4"Weight: 200g