Blue Resin, World Map, River Table

Blue Resin, World Map, River Table

If you're looking for a unique, elegant, gorgeously designed piece of furniture, that is as functional as it is beautiful then, our Blue Resin, World Map, River Table is perfect for you - it's a mesmerising, conversation starter, that will leave everyone who sees it in awe of its beauty and a tinge of green from jealously.


This stunning piece of furniture, is unlike any other you will see! The beautiful wood has the map of the world carved into it, which is incredibly detailed and intricate, whilst varying hues of blue resin flow through one another and surround the centrepiece and when the light catches it, it glistens like our oceans - a true piece of craftsmanship, from beginning to end. The grain of the natural wood shines through exquisitely in this lovingly handcrafted piece and it complements the oceanic tints of the resin perfectly. 


Add a splash of handsome colour and charming design to your home, with this one of a kind piece, that's as much a piece of art, as it is a piece of furniture!


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