Cute Baby Room Decorations

Cute Baby Room Decorations

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Decorating your baby's nursery is an exciting time! That's why we have a collection of adorable little ornaments ideal for sprucing up the nursery. 

These nursery decorations are almost timeless and will be a wonderful addition to your baby's new room, remaining a very unique decoration for many years to come as your child grows! These little decorations would also make a fabulous gift for those you know that are expecting. You won't find these beautiful gems on the high street!

All wooden items are handmade so please do note that the wood texture is different and we cannot guarantee every product will be identical in that retrospect, however there is a certain charm in that!


Sizes vary based on the item:

Bunny: 15cmx10.5cm

Fairy: 14cmx8cm

Sheep: 14cmx9cm

Fox: 14cmx16cm


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