Educational Wooden Activity Cube

Educational Wooden Activity Cube

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Our wooden activity cube is the perfect brain stimulation object for young children from the ages of 6+ months and onwards.

You'd often find these activity cubes in schools and nurseries but we believe it is important for children to access these even at home as learning never stops, no matter the age! This activity cube is bound to keep your child distracted and learning for hours with 8 in 1 activities to choose from: bead maze, flight chess game, colourful abacus, colour and shape matching game, teaching clock, ocean animals recognition, gear game and animals maze. 

These activities help with memory strengthening, colour, shape and animal recognition, learning numbers and recognising time, brain development, sensory stimulation and so on. The list is endless. 

The activity cube is made of high quality, solid wood that has been sanded down and smoothed so it is completely safe for children to touch and play with. The paint is also non toxic.

The size of our activity cube: