Hand Throwing Parachute Toys

Hand Throwing Parachute Toys

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Our set offers 4 bright colours of yellow, orange, green & blue & to choose from. A most popular toy, it can be played with for hours in the park, garden or beach & works well indoors too. Can also purchase a few as party treat bag toys, just a little something for your party guests at children's parties.

Simply roll the parachute up in your hand, toss it high and watch it land. Outside the wind adds to the fun, whilst throwing it up to fall from from high places indoors, has its own thrill to it.

Made with non-toxic, recyclable, environmentally friendly PP nylon, our parachutes are highly durable & will last for hours of play. Being tangle free, is an additional bonus to our toy, saving on frustration & tantrums, whilst ensuring hassle free play time. Our parachute men are 9.8 x 3 cm, whilst our open parachute measures approx 42 cm.