Handmade Rose Quartz Orgone Pyramid 60mm

Handmade Rose Quartz Orgone Pyramid 60mm

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Perfect for Chakra work, Reiki healing, crystal grids, home office décor, gifts, and more!

Size: About 60mmx60mmx65mm


Rose quartz can alleviate people's nervous emotions and relieve irritating moods. It exudes a gentle and attractive pink light, which can help improve interpersonal relationships. It is the best stone of love. Those who are more restrained can dispel the irritability of these people and make their moods more peaceful and happy.

Rose quartz is a healing crystal that can treat the effects of mental pain. In combination with other crystals, it can improve human health. Wearing rose quartz jewellery is also conducive to the health of the human heart and lung organs, strengthen the human circulatory system and respiratory system, to relieve tension and ease the role of irritability and gloom.

Obsidian: In terms of enhancing vitality and strengthening mobility: the role and efficacy of obsidian is mainly manifested in the ability to strengthen the kidneys, absorb disease, improve sleep, and improve the weakness of the body. It has an improving effect on eliminating smoking, alcoholism and drug addiction habits. It can also alleviate people's stress, make people calm, and can eliminate emotional distress and make people more stable. Excluding the negative energy of the human body: The energy of obsidian is strong and very pure, and it is an absorptive energy. Therefore, in the role of obsidian, its role in eliminating negative energy is particularly prominent. 

Because this is a handmade product, and crystals and stones are different from each other, so it is normal every product looks different to the next. But the difference makes every Orgone pyramid Unique.