Luxurious Cave Pet Beds

Luxurious Cave Pet Beds

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Luxurious and comforting, plush pet beds in the style of a 'cave' to give a feel of safety for your pet. Super soft and super warm thanks to the velvet lining inside, and faux fur outer material which helps with insulating heat and keeping your cute pet warm in colder months.

Cave style pet beds are really helpful when you have an anxious pet as it makes them feel extra safe and protected with the hooded part, once they snuggle and bury themselves into the soft plushness. Pre-domesticated pets were primarily den animals and would seek out shelter to make their home where they feed, stay safe and raise their young ones so it's only natural that our pets these days feel most happy and comfortable in a bed with this same design as dens. This is the same reason why some pets like to bury themselves under blankets and squeeze into tight spaces.

This is a very lovely cat bed as not only does it offer luxurious and optimal comfort, but it is easy to clean as well, just wipe down with a wet cloth or if you feel more comfortable, this bed can be washed in the washing machine at a low temperature.

We recommend these beds for cats and possibly small dogs but we do offer different sizes as well as colours! We also have two variations to choose from, velvety inside lining or a faux fur lining!


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