Make a Stand

Make a Stand

This unique, yet simply designed, multi-device product is called Make a Stand and you may be admiring it, thinking that it's no different to an everyday book stand, but we are pleased to say, you couldn't be more wrong!

Yes, of course being multi-functional, it is definitely an everyday item, but there are unlimited possibilities when it comes to how and what you use it for. You could choose to have a relaxing read of your favourite novel in bed and avoid having achy joints - you'll never have to physically hold a book again and you can even clip a handy little book light, to one of the edges of the stand! Books are not the only item this sturdy stand can hold - rest phones, tablets and laptops on it - in fact, rest anything on it because it can hold up to a mind-blowing, 100kg of weight! 

This stand is compact and incredibly easy to assemble, using a simple, but effective Mortise joint, that clips together to make a strong, stable piece of portable furniture! With rubber grips on the edges, it can sit on a desk, table or hang happily and steadily on any flat surface, so you can rest your tablet upon it, sit back and enjoy a box set on Netflix, without having to try and get one of those awfully flimsy stands to work or having to hold it yourself!

Make a stand and say no to the difficulties in your life - no joint pain, no crumpled book pages, no dreaded water spills and say yes to simplicity and practicality!