Microgo e-scooter electric scooter urban commuter travel 250w foldable adult

Microgo e-scooter electric scooter urban commuter travel 250w foldable adult

Product Description:

Dynamic, robust and sleek the Microgo electric scooter is this year’s must have eco-friendly mode of transport for riders in urban settings.

Ditching your old wheels for the Microgo has never been easier! Slash your fuel costs, whilst condensing your carbon footprint. This hassle-free scooter arrives at your door, charged and after a quick assembly is ready to go.

Constructed with the everyday rider in mind, the Microgo is equipped with a 250W powered motor, enabling it to reach speeds of up to 12mph. Enjoy many lifestyle benefits that switching to an e-Scooter can offer: Avoid traffic congestion on your daily commute to work whilst contributing towards a healthier you. Improve your core strength through balance and help keep a clear mind by getting out in the open air.

Designed to make your life effortless the Microgo folds down making it compact and easy to carry onto public transport, store under your work desk or even fit it into your car boot.

Manufactured with aluminium and metal frame, the scooter can support 100kgs max weight. This modern and stylish mode of transport features a dual braking system, both brake and headlight, solid 6.5-inch rubber wheels, LED display and built in cruise control making way for a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Your scooter can link up with app Cxinwalk, a free, easy to use tool. The Microgo uses a unique algorithm that receives signal input from speed sensors to maintain fluid and stable cruise control. But how does this benefit you? Using this clever feature can reduce tension and fatigue in riders whilst also optimising battery for longer rides - what's not to love?

The Microgo comes in two contemporary styles - white trim and matte black, fulfilling a modernised and professional exterior.

What better time to switch to an e-Scooter amidst the current global pandemic, avoid public transport, whilst keeping your social distance outdoors. The Microgo could be yours as soon as tomorrow with our 24-hour Express Delivery.


Item Specifics:

250W motor

36V/5.0Ah battery

4/6-hour charging time

LED display

6.5-inch rubber tubeless tyres

2 riding modes: beginner and normal (112km/h and 20km/h)

dual braking system

Max load 100KG

12 Mph

App connectivity