Round Woven Macramé Wall Hanging

Round Woven Macramé Wall Hanging

SKU: 1005002179502430


- This wall hanging is woven by hand and can be hung on the wall, which is subtle, stylish, multifunctional and decorative.
- Can be hung at the bedside, along a corridor, over the fireplace, or used as a wedding background, bridal shower supplies, bohemian theme party decoration, endless possibilities.
- Woven tassel pendants are versatile and can easily transform any room into a modern room. You will love its cute texture and simple beauty.
- These gorgeous woven wall hangings create a romantic appearance and a wonderful style, bringing you bohemian style indoors and outdoors.
- It is a gift for your friends and family, suitable for any occasion, especially baby shower, wedding, mother's day or holiday gift.


The braided wall hanging can be fixed with simple pushpins, nails and wall hooks. Due to the handmade characteristics of the product, the appearance of each unique product will slightly change. Do not immerse or rinse with water. If necessary, wipe with a damp cloth.


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