Set of 6 3D Modelled Contagion Cubes

Set of 6 3D Modelled Contagion Cubes

Open your eyes to the world of colourful imagery and intricate design with our 3D display pieces. An essential piece for any surrounding: Classroom, office or even in your own home. 


Contains the following:


  • Cube 1: Yersinia Pestis (The Black Death)
  • Cube 2: Influenza H1N1 (The Spanish Flu)
  • Cube 3: Smallpox
  • Cube 4: Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • Cube 5: Zika Virus
  • Cube 6: Ebola Virus 


If you would like your own mix of cubes please email


Medium - 2cm cubed

Large - 3cm Cubed

Extra Large - 4cm Cubed


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